Better Call Saul Season 3 Premier Announced: What We Know So Far

On the verge of confirming some consequential details about the upcoming season of one of our favourite crime drama TV series Better Call Saul, AMC announced the premier dates for the show and also released a teaser earlier this week. Bob Odenkirk will return to our screens as Jimmy McGill (alias Saul Goodman) on April 10 and here’s what we know about season three of the Breaking Bad spinoff so far.


Gus is back!

Yes, you read that right. After long-standing speculations about the return of this fast-food restaurant owner/drug kingpin, AMC has all but confirmed Gustavo Fring’s comeback by releasing a 30-second teaser last week that features him advertising his fast food spot, Los Pollos Hermanos. Walt and Jesse too? Let’s wait and watch.


Jimmy could become Saul soon

The aforementioned three-minute teaser, titled Crisis Averted, reeks of further dents in Jimmy’s relationship with Kim (Rhea Seahorn), which is believed to eventually turn him into the immoral lawyer that we’re all waiting for. His elder brother Chuck (Michael McKean) also has a role to play in this situation, indicating that all the buildup in the previous seasons could finally manifest into something big.


Mike and the others

In case you quickly need to brush up on the previous two seasons, (SPOILER ALERT) we last left Jimmy starting up his own firm with Kim working in the same office, but independently. Meanwhile, Mike (Johnathan Banks) is torn between his morals and the desire to work for a drug lord in order to support the upbringing of her father-less granddaughter.

Praise and anticipation

Critically, the show has managed to create a distinct identity for itself, away from the Breaking Bad shadow. It became the highest-rated scripted series premiere in basic cable history, when it first aired in 2015 and has been nominated for various awards so far.

Both the previous seasons of the show have premiered in February as the forthcoming one experiences a two-month delay. But this gives us ample time to revisit (or binge watch) some of the previous episodes. So till then, stay safe. And when in trouble, you know who to call!

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