Bipasha Basu - The Queen Of HorreX
Bipasha Basu – The Queen Of HorreX

Bipasha Basu is the undisputed queen of HorreX cinema

Sometime in 2016, a meme began doing the rounds on social media right around Halloween. It went something like “If Halloween was celebrated in India, it would be called Bipasha Basu Jayanti”. This cheeky statement elicited a hilarious response from netizens and an appreciative nod from the actress herself who even shared the meme on her Instagram account.


Basu, known for her bold roles and zest for fitness, has been a part of multiple horror movies. These movies typically feature steamy scenes set against the backdrop of a horror storyline. However, these movies don’t just pander to the masses – Basu’s portrayal in these films have often earned her critical acclaim. Needless to say, they have also performed extraordinarily well at the Box Office.

Below, we catalogue the best horrex movies starring the Queen.

Raaz (2002)

Rakht (2004)


Raaz 3 (2014)


Alone (2015)


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