Bollywood Actors Who Turned Authors
Bollywood Actors Who Turned Authors

Bollywood actors have taken the literary scene by storm.

With a growing number of books by renowned actors hitting the stores these days, here’s taking a look at a few of them which have taken the literary scene by storm.


Twinkle Khanna



Her transition from acting to writing is well known. Moreover, Twinkle Khanna recently won the Crossword Book Award for Mrs Funny Bones and has turned into a regular columnist who is usually lauded for her progressive stance towards serious issues plaguing the country and the world. Her second novel, The Legend of Laxmi Prasad, which was released recently has also managed to garner good reviews. 



Rishi Kapoor



Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was in the news recently after his autobiography Khullam Khulla was released this January. The book makes for a riveting read since he’s revealed some snippets from his life, his relationship with his son Ranbir Kapoor, his father Raj Kapoor’s craft as a filmmaker alongside revealing some of his most famous love affairs.



Emraan Hashmi



Apart from his great acting skills, Emraan Hashmi is also a dedicated family man and a doting father. But there was a time when his son was diagnosed with cancer and it was testing time for him and his family after which he penned his book The Kiss of Life, which was about the struggles they faced while his son was battling the deadly disease.



Ayushmann Khurrana



Very few would know that VJ turned actor Ayushmann Khurrana is also an author to his book Cracking the Code, which is a step-by-step guide to making it big in Bollywood.



Naseeruddin Shah



Touted as one of the best autobiographies, Naseeruddin Shah’s A Memoir: And Then One Day chronicles his life journey where the actor recounts his life from childhood to the beginning of his Bollywood career and ends with an account of his marriage to Ratna Pathak Shah. According to various critics, this book is a must read, if you’re an avid Naseeruddin Shah fan.

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