Times When Bollywood Celebs Turned Down Endorsements
6 Bollywood Celebs Who Rejected Endorsements For Ethical Reasons

They’re setting newer (moral) benchmarks

Endorsement deals are often perceived as a lucrative avenue to rake in big money, for celebrities and influencers alike. It’s perhaps the best Plan B there is, at the moment, to earn some extra bucks if a movie bombs at the BO, or when things don’t go as per schedule. However, not everything pans out the way it is expected, in the arena of endorsements, especially if they fail to rise up to the level of moral ethics that some Bollywood stars live by. These instances are proof.


Kartik Aaryan 

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Kartik Aaryan was recently offered an endorsement deal with a pan masala brand, for which he was offered approximately Rs. 9 crores. But well, the actor turned down the offer for reasons best known to him. Could the move be traced to a time when Akshay Kumar promoted an elaichi brand, which also sold tobacco, only to be embroiled in a bigger controversy soon after?



The KGF Chapter 2 actor also turned his back on a multi-crore advertisement deal with a pan masala brand. The incident occurred barely a few couple of weeks after Kumar publicly apologized for endorsing an elaichi brand. The brand that manages the actor confirmed the news.

Anushka Sharma 

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Sharma turned down an endorsement deal because the brand apparently promoted a social bias. At an event, the actress reasoned that she will never endorse products that propagate racist and sexist beliefs.


Swara Bhaskar 

Thinking along the same lines, Bhaskar too refused to endorse a popular skin-lightening beauty product. The actress, who is known for being vocal online and off it, turned down the offer without batting an eye-lid and maintained how regressive the entire concept was.

Amitabh Bachchan 

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Big B has millions of fans and is cautious about what he does. The veteran was once approached by a flashlight company that featured an advertisement, which promoted dowry. Bachchan refused it on the grounds of social responsibility, and set the bar high for other actors.


Ranbir Kapoor 

Kapoor was offered Rs 9 crores to shoot for a skin lighting product. However, the actor turned it down and cited ethical reasons behind his move. Even now when Shamshera flopped, he returned a sum of his fees to the production house. Kapoor time and again proves that he is a responsible and bankable actor, who operates under strong ethics.

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