From Jai's Coin To Ishaan's Painting: Bollywood Movie Merchandise That We Would Love To Buy
From Jai’s Coin To Ishaan’s Painting: Bollywood Movie Merchandise That We Would Love To Buy

After all, we live, eat and breathe Bollywood.

Recently, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts acceptance letter was auctioned for a mammoth £7,000. Well, it seems some people have loads of money, while some have to think thrice before investing in that great looking shirt they saw at a mall. 


That said, a little wishful thinking from time to time did no one any harm. And we too, would like to invest in some of these cool made in Bollywood products. If they were made available, that is. 

Mogambo’s Chair (Mr. India)

If we get this, we’ll be able to say Mogambo Khush Hua with equal authority and  devilish glee. GoT fans might disagree, but this is better than the Iron throne. 

Jadoo’s Remote (Koi… Mil Gaya)

We’d want to call an alien who can give us superhuman powers too. And if it’s as easy as pressing 4-5 buttons in sync on a remote, then we would give away half our land and property to acquire it. Maybe, three-fourths even. 


Ishaan’s Paintings (Taare Zameen Par)

The cute boy from Taare Zameen Par may have been dyslexic, but his talents in painting were nothing short of genius. The last painting he draws in the Kholo Kholo song, would certainly find a great spot in our drawing rooms. 


Jai’s Coin (Sholay)

Jai has a coin in Sholay that he uses to always win. That’s because it has no tails, and both sides are heads. Smart, right? It’s something that Veeru realizes only after his best friend dies. But we won’t face a similar situation.

Sanju’s Cycle (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar)

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar was a scintillating experience that had us gripped to our seats until the last moment, mostly because we couldn’t stop cheering for Sanju. If we could get that racing bike that he used to win the inter-collegiate championship for Model College, we would be willing to shell out quite a lot of moolah. 

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