5 Breakup Anthems That’ll Get You Through The Toughest Heartbreak
5 Breakup Anthems That’ll Get You Through The Toughest Heartbreak

Alexa, play ‘thank u, next’ by Ariana Grande

We’ve all been through heartbreak at some point in our lives and it can honestly be soul-crushingly painful. While some breakups leave us with trust issues and major insecurity, even the most mature ones can be devastating. There are times when you don’t just lose a soulmate but a dear friend too. Science will tell you it’s all biology and that your brain will adapt to the pain but sometimes we need music to pacify our broken heart.


Below, we’ve catalogued 5 breakup anthems that will see you through the worst heartbreak.

thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Grande dropped a surprise single which name-checked four of her exes including former fiance Pete Davidson and Mac Miller. Since its release a day ago, the song has been praised for being mature, positive and the self-love anthem that we truly needed in 2018.

Best Thing I Never Had – Beyoncé


Queen Bey released Best Thing I Never Had seven years ago and it still is our go-to song after an encounter with a toxic lover. Like always, she makes you believe that you are worth more than you think and that it’ll all work out in the end.

Survivor – Destiny’s Child


Some lovers really mess us up because of their own unresolved trauma, causing us lasting damage. This song is a ‘fuck you’ to every ex who thought you wouldn’t make it.

Fight Song – Rachel Platten


At times, the heartbreak can be so intense that it literally knocks the life out of you. It’s easy to imagine that things won’t ever get better but guess what? They will and you’ll find the strength to go on.

When Love Arrives – Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye


Yes, this isn’t a song but it definitely warrants a listen – especially for the last paragraph. If you’re wondering why things didn’t work out despite how hard you and your partner tried, then this one is definitely for you.

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