You Can Now Play The Game ‘Nohzdyve’ From Black Mirror
You Can Now Play The Game ‘Nohzdyve’ From Black Mirror

Try not to get addicted to Tuckersoft and Colin Ritman’s new game

I think we’re all still recovering from the madness that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch unleashed on us, but we can keep it going. 


In the interactive Netflix movie, we saw the character Stefan work with a company named Tuckersoft, which has dreams of becoming the “Motown of games.” At Tuckersoft, Stefan meets a reputed video game designer named Colin Ritman who gives him a peek of his new game ‘Nohzdyve’, a simple 8-bit game where a player has to collect eyeballs while falling from a building. Weird? Well, that’s Black Mirror for you. 


According to a report by The Verge, fans can now play the game, but only by using an emulator. Reportedly, Nohzdyve was developed for the ZX Spectrum, which was a computer that was released in Britain in the early 1980’s. So, the only way to play the game is by downloading a ZX Spectrum emulator. Other emulators that can do the job are Speccy, Qaop and Fuse, the report states.


Black Mirror isn’t the only Netflix show with a game that can be played. There is an Atari-like Stranger Things inspired game too. It gives an inside look on the kind of games kids in the town of Hawkins in the year 1983 would have played. 


You can find the Nohzdyve game here and you can play the Stranger Things game without the use of an emulator on your laptop or phone over here



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