Robert Pattinson's Underrated Movies Before He Became Batman
Top 7 Movies That Showcase Robert Pattinson’s Serious Acting Chops

From ‘Tenet’ to ‘The Lighthouse’, Robert Pattinson’s resume is nothing to be scoffed at

From shimmering in sunlight in the Twilight movies to prowling the streets of Gotham, in the new Batman movie, Robert Pattinson’s career has come a long way. Over the years, the 35-year-old actor has added some great performances to his repertoire. Before you see his donning the cape and cowl this weekend, here are some of the most underrated movies featuring our new Batman. 


7. Tenet



Love it or hate it, Tenet has started many fiery discussions among enthusiasts ever since its release. While the plot remains a literal question mark to the day, the major consensus has been in the favour of Pattinson’s character, Neil. Without spoiling anything, his performance in the movie is detrimental to the plot and warrants a second viewing immediately. 


6. The King 



Just like Tenet, Pattinson’s character doesn’t take the centre stage here, but still manages to grab the audience’s attention. The 2019 Netflix movie based on William Shakespeare’s work, showcases Pattinson as Louis The Dauphin of France. If historical dramas aren’t your thing we’d still recommend sticking around for the actor’s unintentionally hilarious French accent. 


5. The Devil All The Time



Speaking of bad accents, it would be criminal not to talk about Pattinson’s performance in Netflix’s The Devil All The Time. Here, the brit plays the role of a predatory preacher, who speaks in a “unique” southern drawl. Reportedly, Pattinson refused to work with an accent coach, to do his spin on the character. Nevertheless, the actor’s portrayal of a dark and villainous character is one of his best. 


4. The Rover 



The Rover, when it came out, was the very definition of good movies that flew under the radar. Starring alongside Guy Pearce, this was the first showcase of (at least for me) Pattinson’s serious acting chops. The dystopian slow-burner featured him as a simple-minded boy, Reynolds, trying to make his way in the Australian outback, while being injured. We highly recommend you put this in your queue.


3. The Lost City Of Z



They say an actor’s mettle is truly tested when he can disappear into a role. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Henry Costin is so immersive that you may not even recognise him in the beginning. As an aid to Charlie Hunnam’s Percy Fawcett, Pattinson plays the role of a man with vast knowledge of the Brazillian terrain. His performance as a pragmatic, reformed drunk is magnetic, and third-best only to the first and second entries on our list. 


2. The Lighthouse 



Robert Eggers’s The Lighthouse is essentially a 1 hour 50 minutes-long William Dafoe masterclass. However, Pattinson still holds his own, putting on an impressive display, which vowed critics and the masses alike. Set in a singular location, the film puts Pattinson’s acting skills to the test, and boy does he shine through. Playing as Ephraim Winslow, a man of few words, Pattinson captures the innocence of a man who’s slowly unravelling in a fight against sanity. All in all, it is a very memorable performance in one of the most artistic movies to come out in recent years.


1. Good Time



Let’s just say everyone involved in the movie (including the audience) had a “Good Time”. The A24-produced movie puts Connie, played by Pattinson, on the centre stage as he tried to free his mentally-handicapped brother from jail. Director Josh and Benny Safdie, of Uncut Gems fame, put create a richly textured world, bursting with energy, elevated by Pattinson’s electrifying performance. This is Robert Pattinson in a never- seen-before avatar, and we cannot recommend it enough. 

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