In The End: Chester Bennington And Other Musicians Who Died Too Young

It’s been a tough time for the music fans especially 90s kids, who spent a good chunk of their adolescence growing up with Linkin’ Park, to digest the news of Chester Bennington’s death last night. Having reportedly committed suicide, the 41-year-old singer joins an illustriously unfortunate club of musicians who departed from mortal life too soon.


Amy Winehouse – 27


The soul-pop diva who had successfully come out of rehab passed away due to alcohol poisoning. She was found not breathing in her London residence and was pronounced dead at the scene.


Kurt Cobain – 27


The Nirvana frontman and grunge icon’s death was declared a suicide by the authorities. He was found dead with a gunshot to the head, which was later ruled self-inflicted.


Jimi Hendrix – 27


The legendary rock guitarist and singer died a dramatic death. After being found dead in an apartment, a postmortem exam declared that he asphyxiated on his vomit while intoxicated on barbiturates.


Jim Morisson – 27


The details of The Doors’ singer’s death are also equally hazy, especially because no autopsy was performed.  He was found in a Paris apartment bathtub with “heart failure” being ruled as the cosy. His long-term girlfriend, Pamela Courson, believed the cause to be an accidental heroin overdose.


Bob Marley – 36


Melanoma under the nail of the reggae pioneer’s toe cancer eventaully spread throughout his body, causing his death. He passed away in a local hospital in Miami after his critical body functions gave away during a flight to Jamaica.

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