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New shows? Old favourites? Here’s what you should be watching on TV in 2017






Premiere: February 2017


Whom would you call if Superman, say, smashed your car to smithereens, while fighting some bad guy? This promising new sitcom starring Vanessa Hudgen is based in a world where superheroes exist and is about a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, whose staff deals with dispute resolution for common people who have been affected by superhero antics. I am chortling already.






Premiere: April 2017


Us Neil Gaiman geeks have been waiting for this show for almost a year. Starz’s American Gods is an ambitious adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s classic 2001 novel, in which a bunch of old gods living in the U.S. are suddenly challenged by the “new gods” of technology and media. Caught in the midst of it all is ex-convict Shadow, who has a life-altering rendezvous with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday. Do I have your attention? Also, given the novel’s expansive plotline, several seasons are expected.






Premiere: January 2017


Who can do a better job than Jim Carrey in the film version? Yes, I hear you, but imagine relishing this wicked revenge fest over 8 episodes, you glorious binger — and Neil Patrick Harris shows immense promise as Count Olaf. The episodes are out, and take it from someone who has already seen it — it is a smashing effort.






Premiere: January 2017 (ongoing)


Who wins the election? Will Jake and Olivia get back together? What will Eli Pope do now? Will Fitz and Olivia get back together? What will Fitz do now that he is almost done being president? If Mellie wins, will Olivia go back to the White House as her Chief of Staff? Will Jake really become Veep? Or is Eli Pope’s plant in the administration? Too. Many. Questions.






Premiere: January 2017 (ongoing)


Young, hot and Machiavellian — there is a new pope in town. A joint venture between Sky Atlantic, Canal+ and HBO and helmed by Paolo Sorrentino, Jude Law plays Pope Pius XIII, who is shaking things up at the Vatican, much to the chagrin of the religious elders. But, does he also have an ulterior motive? To top it all, he’s American. The show also stars Diane Keaton and has been lauded for its production and performances. Conspiracy theorists, start your engines.






Premiere: January 2017 (ongoing)


If you didn’t know already, Wes was dead long before the fire started (Shonda Rhimes, these mid-season breaks are heartless and unfair). The season started off pretty hot and action packed (the narrative as wickedly non-linear as it can get), with Annalise spiralling out of control. Just when she finally got it together, the shit hit the fan. The anticipation for the latter half of the season is feverish, so let’s hope Shonda pulls an Ekta Kapoor and Alfred Enoch is not really dead.






Premiere: April 2017


It feels frightening that an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian story of women’s subjugation is so uncannily relevant today. With a promising cast led by Elisabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes, this thriller is definitely one of the highlights of the year.






Premiere: February 2017


A fascinating limited series based on the best-selling book, the trailer has already become a hit with audiences worldwide. Starring heavyweights like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Alexander Skarsgard, Adam Scott and Shailene Woodley, the show feels like a slicker (and nastier) update of Desperate Housewives. Set in idyllic Monterey, it delves into twisted relationships, upper-class mom rivalry and (naturally) a murder.






Premiere: February 2017


Let me be honest here: this is my favourite from the list of shows to look forward to in 2017. Drew Barrymore is a boring real estate agent who has a transformation of sorts and shifts to a whole new diet — human flesh. Pitched as a horror-comedy and with dashes of Sweeney Todd, here’s something outrageous to stay glued to.






Premiere: May 2017


If you have seen the Christmas Special episode of Sense8, you know that nothing is working out for any of the characters. Sun is still in jail, Nomi is on the run, Riley and Will are trying to fight Whispers with heroin, Lito and Hernando are bearing the brunt of Lito’s coming out and Wolfgang is being mercilessly hunted down. A recipe for a fantastic upcoming season, I must (heartlessly) say.

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