Did Digvijaya Singh Just Abuse PM Narendra Modi On Twitter?
Did Digvijaya Singh Just Abuse PM Narendra Modi On Twitter?

You’re only making things easier for BJP, Digivijaya.

You expect better from a politician like Digvijaya Singh, a member of parliament and the general secretary of Indian National Congress. We understand that Congress are getting weaker and weaker as an opposition force with every passing day, but tweets like the one embedded below show that they’re not even trying to bridge that gap. 




Not mine but couldn't help posting it. My apologies to the person concerned. He is the best in the "Art of Fooling!" pic.twitter.com/6BGz3lFtcf


— digvijaya singh (@digvijaya_28) September 8, 2017



Really, what difference is there between a troll, and a reputed politician of our country? You expect criticism for the other party, considering the fierce competitiveness of politics. But really, using the C-word is beyond shameful. Digvijaya Singh must apologize for his comments, and if possible, step down from his position. 


As clarification, the Congress leader is saying that the picture isn’t his. But then, why is he posting it? He is not just a random person who can say, RTs are not endorsements in his bio. The 723 thousand followers deserve better. Much better than this. 


The response he is getting from various tweeple and journalists is astounding and we’ll take a look at a few of them. 



When a really old man marries a really young woman he loses mental balance for a long long time. Forgive @digvijaya_28


— SUHEL SETH (@suhelseth) September 8, 2017



Well, Suhel is known to be outspoken and have opinions that are slightly infuriating. Here, he blames Digvijaya’s wife for his insanity. This is just as nonsensical as Digvijaya’s original tweet, though it doesn’t use cuss words. 


Some people are suggesting that he eat Center Fresh, because as the chewing gum’s advertisement says, “Center Fresh Zubaan Par Lagaaye Lagaam”.


We are waiting for a reaction from PM Modi on the same. Knowing him, we know that there’ll be no mincing of words. 


One thing is for sure. It seems that the BJP rule is here to stay, and even in 2019, Congress might not be able to topple the NaMo government. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? We don’t know. Only time will tell. 

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