Doja Cat Mimics Amber Heard’s ‘Dog Got Stung By A Bee’ Testimony  

Did Doja take it too far?

Doja Cat was recently in the news when she reached out to 17-year-old Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp to set her up with Joseph Quinn. She later called out Schnapp for leaking the conversation between the two. A couple of days later, Doja Cat is back in the headlines for making a meme video on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. Just when we thought we’ve have had enough of this trial, Doja has decided to drag it further.  


The testimony of Heard about her puppy stepping on a bee and getting stung by it in a park was one of the highlights of the defamation case. And now, in a TikTok video, Doja mocked The Aquaman actress by mimicking her testimony and twitched hard when she said ‘my dog stepped on a bee.’  


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She started the video by saying that it is really sad because she is a puppy, her dog. She has been with her since a week now. She was just running around in the grass and the she steps on the bee.  


She further says, “So ya’ll know what time it is.” Then she keeps on repeating the line that her dog stepped on bee.  

While there are several videos of people mimicking the testimony, Cat’s video got mixed reactions. There were people who said that as a celebrity she shouldn’t have done this then some even defended her by saying that where were these moral policemen when others were doing the same? 

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Even though the Depp-Heard trial has come to an end, it doesn’t seem to go out of limelight. It started off with Heard’s lawyers asking the court to declare a mistrial since the jury was not fit. Then Depp contributes millions of dollars from his NFT sale to 4 charity organizations. And among these 4, there is one whom Heard had pledged to donate money but couldn’t. Lasty the news which was freshly in was Depp singing songs directed to Heard.


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