Harry Style’s Don’t Worry Darling Gets Abysmal Score On Rotten Tomatoes
Amidst Controversy, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Scores In The Low 40s On Rotten Tomatoes   

At this point, a behind-the-scenes documentary would be more appealing  

Olivia Wilde’s new mystery-thriller Don’t Worry Darling has been grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The mystery-thriller which premiered at the recent Venice Film Festival has been shrouded in controversy regarding all the behind-the-scenes drama. This begs the question, is the actual movie any good?  


Well, select publications had the opportunity to attend the premiere and their initial response has been less than stellar so far. Currently, the movie stands at 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a drop of 3 percent since last night.   



With the drama surrounding Florence Pugh and her beef with Olivia Wilde, along with Harry Styles supposedly spitting on Chris Pine at a premiere, many are asking for a making-of documentary than watching the film. This could be worrying signs for the supposed Oscar contender. From 35 or so reviews that have come on, here’s what some of them are saying.  


Stephanie Zacharek, Times critic, writes, “Don’t Worry Darling, no matter where you stand on the matter of Olivia Wilde’s personal life – or, for that matter, what you make of her ambitions – deserves to be judged on its own merits, and it does have a few… the plot is cleverly worked out: there’s an M. Night Shyamalan-style twist that’s much better than nearly every Shyamalan twist, save perhaps the one in The Sixth Sense. And there’s at least the germ of an intelligent idea at the heart of Don’t Worry Darling.”  




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Caption: FLORENCE PUGH as Alice in New Line Cinema’s “DON’T WORRY DARLING,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.


Meanwhile, Slashfilm wrote, “Florence Pugh Saves Herself In A Stylish Thriller That Falls Short Of Its High-Minded Ideas.”  


Collider: “Don’t Worry Darling is best as a surface-level matinée thriller with a few follow-ups. Darling chooses to girl boss when it could’ve sucker punched. But it’s still way more watchable than many terminally online people already believe it to be.”   


The Playlist: “Don’t Worry Darling may be a misstep, but Wilde’s still got a flair for cinema that feels worth keeping an eye on.”   


The Wrap: “Wilde’s new film gives you plenty to admire, from its look to yet another strong performance from the reliably terrific Florence Pugh, and just as much that is frustrating.”   


The Los Angeles Times: “Wilde’s failure here is primarily one of imagination. Her movie is competently acted, handsomely crafted, and not half as disturbing as it wants to be. It’s nothing to worry about.” 

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