The Duchess Diaries: Meghan Markle's Raunchy Moments Pre-Royalty
The Duchess Diaries: Meghan Markle’s Raunchy Moments Pre-Royalty

Looks like Prince Harry got lucky

The world witnessed Megan Markle tie the knot of holy matrimony with Prince Harry. Needless to say, it was what fairytale weddings are made of. Boy meets girl, falls in love and they spend the rest of their lives happily ever after. The real-life princess that she is, her past few appearances really proves that getting herself into the duties of a Dutchess has come very easy to her. She’s a natural y’all.


However, British Royalty does come with a price. A lot changed for Meghan post her marriage to Harry and like most people in love, Meghan accepted it all. She had to bid farewell to her acting career and go ahead with what she calls it, ‘A new chapter’. Most people identify her as Rachel from Suits but a lesser-known fact is that before signing up for Suits, the actress starred in ‘Deal or No Deal’ as the briefcase girl. She later accepted to have hated it. “I would end up standing up there forever in these terribly uncomfortable and inexpensive five-inch heels just waiting for someone to pick my number so I could go and sit down.”, Meghan said in an interview with Esquire. 

Her time in Suits lasted 7 seasons and we must say that the actress did justice to her role. Her relationship with on-screen co-star Patrick J. Adams like every relationship had its share of ups and downs. Back in the day when Meghan had nothing barring her choices, she had a number of raunchy scenes from the series. She indeed looked hot in all of them and this is probably the last of Megan from Suits that you will ever see.


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Even in today’s time, becoming a Royal comes with its limitations. Even though she has admitted to happily making her shift, we would have loved for Meghan to carry on doing films and tv series. To refresh your memory of Rachel from back in the day, here is a clip of Meghan looking like a million bucks. 


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