What Is Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock’s Diet Plan Like?
Aiming For A Body Like The Rock’s? Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Million-Dollar Diet  

Now, that’s massive!

At 50, Dwayne Johnson continues to give fitness goals to his fans the world over. For years, almost everyone has pondered over what makes him look the way he is. Could it be a good diet or strenuous exercise, or a mix of both? Well, turns out a six-meal diet plan is a secret behind his enviable physique!


Johnson recently revealed his complete diet plan in an interview, much to the delight of inquisitive fans. His day typically starts with a healthy breakfast comprising eggs, meat, complex carb, and fruits of his choice. This is followed by a quick workout, post which another round of breakfast follows! This meal is usually taken at 10 am and is often an elaborate feast with the right portions of carbs, chicken breasts, green veggies, and rice.  

His diet entails huge servings of fish and meat, and all meals are well-planned by an in-house chef who works closely with the actor’s fitness team.


Additionally, Johnson keeps a strict eye on the macros that he consumes. “I do see results quickly when we adjust the macros. [The range: protein 40–45 percent, carbs 40–50 percent, fats 15–20 percent.] We’ve got it down to a science where we fine-tune the macros and I never feel hungry. That’s a key: Training and dieting down for a goal requires discipline, and you can often feel hungry,” he added.  

Food aside, water plays an integral role in his daily diet. Believe it or not, Johnson drinks at least 11 liters of water every day! He doesn’t drink coffee but loves sipping on Zoa, a healthy sugar-free beverage from his energy drink brand. 


The Rock further maintained that it was his late father Rocky Johnson, who inspired him to be on a food schedule like this. “He taught me very early on not to eat to please the tongue but to eat to nourish the body. He taught me that when I was five. That’s probably why I need therapy,” Dwayne averred.  

Lead Image: The Rock/Instagram 

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