Emotional Moments Of Celebs At Koffee With Karan
5 Honest Celebrity Confessions On Koffee With Karan Which Will Make You Question Everything

When at KJo’s couch, the cat’s almost always out of the bag!

There are scandalous shows. And then there’s Koffee With Karan. Be it juicy industry-insider gossip or shocking revelations, trust KJo to bring out the best and the beast in the actors he brings to the couch (pun unintended). Seasons after seasons, one truth remains: You can love the show, or despise it. But, there’s no way you can ignore it. Here are a few such epic instances — celebrity confessions–that remain etched in the minds of the viewers:


Samantha Prabhu On Her Foray into Movies Due to Lack of Family Funds

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While fans lauded Akshay Kumar’s candid demeanor while discussing ‘secrets’ in season 7 of KWK, there’s no refuting how his co-guest Samantha also had no qualms in opening up about her struggles as a youngster. Citing how money was always an issue at home, the oomphy actress revealed how there came a point when her father was clear about his inablity to pay for her education. And that’s how movies happened. While showbiz was never her choice, Prabhu claimed to be in a happy space right now.


Shah Rukh Khan On His Fear Of Attachment And Not Having Friends

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In 2011, when King Khan graced the third season of the series, he spoke about what he wanted from cinema. SRK stated how he always puts his soul into the movies he’s part of, and that numbers don’t matter to him. While he has millions of fans in India and the globe over, he said that he does not have friends, and also revealed how the thought of getting attached terrifies him.


Anurag Kashyap On Finding His Ex-Wife ‘Super Cool’

Apart from his films, Kashyap is also known for his relationships. He appeared in 2011 in the fourth season just after he split with his ex-wife Kalki Koechlin. Karan Johar asked him about her and he said that she is the coolest person he has ever met and he has not given up on the relationship. Hmmm…. awkward!

Arjun Kapoor On Deeply Connecting With Jahnvi Kapoor After Sridevi’s Death

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When Johar talked about Sridevi’s passing away with Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor in season six, Arjun emotionally replied that he knows what it feels like and he has been through it before. He stood by a rock like her in all this. His mother Mona Shourie passed away in 2012 due to multiple organ failures. Big brother duties? Check!


Abhishek Bachchan On Accepting His Journey For What It Is

He opened up about dealing with the tremendous and often unwanted pressure that comes with being superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s son. Senior Bachchan never made a film for him but instead, he did and it was Paa. Echoing similar views, in another episode, his sister Shweta Nanda also added how unfair it really is to watch him go through what he does, and the kind of viciousness that’s often hurled at him for being a star kid.

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