Emraan Hashmi And The Art Of Lip-Syncing
Emraan Hashmi And The Art Of Lip-Syncing

Emraan totally owns his songs, and makes the playback singer seem invisible.

Say what you will about Emraan Hashmi – his films might be poorly written and his dialogue delivery can be monotonous, but you can’t fault him for his acting when it comes to songs. To be honest, a lot of people haven’t even seen movies like Gangster, but they all have heard Ya Ali. 


As you can see, Emraan hardly dances, but it feels like he is singing the song (not Zubeen Garg). The way he moves his body to the rhythm, and expresses his emotions according to the lyrics, is the sort of stuff the best rockstars would be proud of. 


“I guess it’s a combination of my luck and hard work of my music directors. All I can say is that I have enjoyed lip syncing to those songs,” Emraan said in an interview with Times Of India. 


While he can do passionate romantic songs with ease, he also has a way with doing sad songs which are about hopelessness and despair. 


He expertly manages to lip-sync with a nasal twang (you should notice what he does with his nose) when it comes to songs sung by Himesh Reshammiya, and can also manage to form a lump in his throat when it comes to sad Mithoon songs. 

A lot of you may think that it’s unfair to the singer, considering his skill is used and the actor garners more fans. But that is not the case. “The point of a song sequence shouldn’t be “realism”, it should be evoking an emotion, creating a moment of pure beauty. To that end, we are given the most powerful singing voice possible working in tandem with the actor capable of providing the most evocative face and gestures, and a set design, costume, and camera work all structured to incite emotions and joy in the audience,” Quora user Margaret E. Redlich said as an answer. She is also the author of the book Don’t Call It Bollywood. 

As far as the goal of evoking emotion in the audience is concerned, Emraan does a fabulous job. Maybe he emotes it better than the real singer himself, but we’ll not have that argument. For now, we wish him a very happy birthday in advance. 

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