Emraan Hashmi's 5 Most Awkward Screen Kisses
Emraan Hashmi’s 5 Most Awkward Screen Kisses

The ‘serial kisser’ has had some truly bizarre lip-locks over the years

Raja Natwarlal:


Hashmi kisses Humaima Malik with an uncomfortably open mouth, like a goldfish eating food dropped into the tank.

Raaz 3:


In an extremely disturbing scene, Hashmi has his hands almost violently locked onto a crying, protesting Esha Gupta’s face. His solution to stop her crying is an unwarranted kiss, which she initially struggles against but, of course, allows herself to enjoy for a moment before breaking away. This scene screams an unhealthy relationship.

Tumsa Nahin Dekha:


This scene is absolutely ridiculous. A dazed Hashmi staggers out of a car in the rain, stares at Dia Mirza for ten seconds, and then grabs her and kisses her at a bus stop. He doesn’t let go of her, and the scene cuts to choppy shots of incredulous onlookers before Mirza shoves Hashmi away. Hashmi retreats into the rain with a sly smile on his face, as Mirza still looks unsure of what she did to deserve this.



In the music video for the Punjabi song Challa from the film Crook, Hashmi portrays a completely unconvincing bad-boy character, capable of seducing a stripper off a pole, into a private room, and then into his bed with a single-well placed note. Not only is this not how strip-clubs work, Hashmi looks like he is attempting to control his excitement in this scene with a white girl, meant to show his badassery and prowess, while the film cuts intermittently to a traumatic event in his past with another woman through his sex scene. Absolutely impossible to take seriously.

Raaz Reboot:


This kiss is a lot like the first one on this list; uncomfortable simply because this is not how human beings kiss. Perhaps it was meant to display greater emotion for the scene, but Hashmi and his co-star Kriti Kharbanda end up looking like they are independently chewing food with their mouths conjoined.

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