EXCLUSIVE! Ranveer Singh Makes His Rap Debut [WATCH]
EXCLUSIVE! Ranveer Singh Makes His Rap Debut [WATCH]

“Right from my third or fourth grade, I’ve been listening to Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Notorious BIG, DMX, Eminem etc”

If there was even a speck of doubt about Ranveer Singh being a man of many talents, they should be shunned out of the window, immediately. The man, who was seen supporting underground Indian rappers recently, has now actually rapped a few lines for us. He performed verses from Divine’s ‘Jungli Sher’ and we certainly got you video proof of the same.


“Divine is an amazing guy. He is one of my favourite artists,” Singh told us at an exclusive interview during the launch of Carrera’s #DriveYourStory campaign in Mumbai. He will soon be seen playing the lead role in Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming film ‘Gully Boy’ that’s based on the lives of rappers Vivian Fernandes (aka Divine) and Naezy, known for their song ‘Mere Gully Mein.’


“He (Divine) is an amazingly humble, grounded person who I love spending time with, and love collaborating with for music. He’s contributed to much to this film. I love his song and I’m really obsessed with it — ‘One Side,’ even ‘Meri Gully Mein,’ (and) ‘Jungli Sher.'”

“It’s been a very special and unique,” he said about the movie.


“This entire experience — shooting music videos, rap battles, writing the music, being in the studio, making music — plus collaborating with Zoya Akhtar has been great. She’s really one of the most special filmmakers in the world, not just in our country.”

On Gully Boy

“It’s also my first collaboration with a very very special actor Alia Bhatt. She blows my mind, she’s such an amazing performer.

“The cast and crew has made this film so magical. It has a lot to do with the contribution of the actual rappers. They’d be on set every day, listening to the lines, and watching the scene for its authenticity, the lines, the lyrics.”

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“It’s a story that has never been told in a feature film before — this flourishing hip-hop scene that has been blossoming in Mumbai is a genre of music I really connect with. Being born and raised in Mumbai, this music is my music, these people are my people.”


“So to tell the underdog story of this kid who hails from an underprivileged, marginalised section of the society, and how he has become a recording artist through his poetry and music is a very amazing.”

On his love for rap 

Talking about his passion for rap music, he told us that he’s been listening to the likes of Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Notorious BIG, DMX and Eminem from third or fourth grade.

“I’ve also sort of been connected with the indigenous hip-hop scene. There was recently a video where we launched four new kids. Gully Boys has given me a chance to explore my musical side. I’m rapping in the album as well. So to be collaborating with these kids and with so much energy and passion that they have is something unbelievable.”

On his most memorable shades from Bollywood

“Well there are a couple, from the greatest of the greatest. I used to love those ostentatious frames that Amitabh Bachchan used to wear in ‘Agneepath.’ I have a few pairs that resemble that style and I really love them.”

On his fashion gameplan for 2018

“My plan for 2018 is to take it as it comes, like I have been doing in the past few years. I think style is the expression of one’s feelings. I encourage people to style like they feel like without the fear of being judged.”

On OTT fashion

“OTT is actually not my preferred choice. My style is often misinterpreted. I feel different every day and my mood is different every day. So I just style according to that. Sometimes I’m in just a white T-shirt, blue jeans kind of mood. Some other times I feel like going adventurous and that gets a lot of attention while the other times go unnoticed.”

Best dressed men in India

“Best dressed men in India would be Karan Johar, Amitabh Bachchan and Imran Khan.”

On the new Carrera campaign

“I’ve had a very successful collaboration with Carrera. I think our campaigns look stunning and #DriveYourStory is perhaps the best one till date. It’s focussed on real people and real stories. It’s about lives and journeys and courageous decisions that they made along the way.”

“It’s one of the best things I’ve featured in. When I was approached first, it seemed pretty straightforward. But when we actually got down shooting it, they went in such detail about my struggle period etc that I got really emotional. I loved the way it turned out eventually.”

On his favourite eyewear

“I’m currently obsessing over Carrera’s tank hinge collection. You put them on and you’re definitely gonna get attention. They are anytime shades, you can wear them in the night as well. It’s very sporty, motorsport inspired.

“What’s really unique about my collection is that I have more than most people frames, sunglasses, shades, spectacles etc that you can wear in the night. I like to cover my eyes. Even if you’ve had a tiring day, you can still wear your transparent ones. That’s why you see me in a pair of shades at all times.

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