EXCLUSIVE! 'I Actually Have A Punching Bag and Gloves At Home' - Sunny Leone

Almost every man pictures his dream girl as a sports enthusiast, one who’s willing to take on new ventures, and has is as in-the-moment as she is farsighted. Well, Sunny Leone is your dream girl come alive.


We recently met her at the Super Boxing League that features a team owned by the actress. She said she was extremely excited about adopting her daughter Nisha last month but avoided any other questions about her.


However, she did discuss her long-term goals in India, ticking an item from her bucket list after starring in a new item song Piya More with Emraan Hashmi for Baadshaho and even recalling her boxing days. Excerpts:


We’ve heard you’re a sports enthusiast but why boxing? Talk about your association with the Super Boxing League.


I love boxing! I have always been so fond of boxing. I’ve taken personal lessons from an extremely famous boxer called Terry ‘Terrible’ Norris. He’s a champion who still teaches in Los Angeles. I loved taking boxing classes. I actually have a bag and gloves in my house. I think it’s not only a great workout but it’s of fun to be able to sometimes take your aggression out on the bag.








We saw you in the new item song in Baadshaho right now. Is that going to be the approach for you or are you planning to take up more meaty roles in Bollywood?


Piya More was a song I was asked to be a part of, and getting to work with Emraan Hashmi is, you know, like an item on the bucket list. If I can go through my time in Bollywood and work with amazing people and with different actors, then that’s great. I don’t know when it’s going to end or start, or what’s going to happen tomorrow, I don’t really think of it as hard as some other people do. I look at it as I get to work with Emraan. I get to work on a great film, it’s a really nice song so that’s an easy decision for me to make.








#PiyaMore from @Baadshaho out today at 11 AM! So excited 😊😍


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So is it more of a short-term goal?


Yeah, I think if you work hard and you do so every single day and there are long-term goals and you take each step every single day towards that, then those are your long-term goals.


But there is no defined long-term goal for you at the moment in terms of Bollywood?


Yeah, I’m here. I want to stay here. There are a few films that I have in my bag right now, which will hopefully start.








@dirrty99 and Bella! ❤️❤️❤️ #SunnyLeone


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Can you tell us about some of your future projects?


The one that’s coming out soon is called Tera Intezaar, which is with Arbaaz Khan. That will come out in the next couple of months. I also have two other films that I’m working towards.


Is there anything exciting that we can look forward to?


Yes, I’m launching my own cosmetic line, it’s called Starstruck by Sunny Leonne and we’re coming out with lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners. So these are my long-term goals. With movies, we make them, film them, they release on a Friday. But the long-term goals are more about business and I think India is one of the most emerging markets in the entire world right now. And if you have that entrepreneurial drive then India is the oyster.







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