Facebook videos by Bollywood stars that you must check out!
Facebook videos by Bollywood stars that you must check out!

Watch Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham take you through a day in their life

Bollywood’s A-listers have recently taken to posting videos on Facebook. Nothing new there right? As it turns out these aren’t your regular brand promo videos. Even Shah Rukh Khan recently took to video blogging on Facebook and even offered to take his fans through a day on the sets of his upcoming movie – Fan.


Meanwhile John Abraham took us through a tour of his natural habitat – his gym. John has also, via Facebook Mentions, opened the floor for any fitness related queries that his fans may have. As it turns out, there are a lot of fans and a lot of questions. Luckily John seems to have some time to spare.


And then there are things you’d never have thought you’d see. Like Akshay Kumar dancing with his sister in what is a very endearing throwback to their childhood days. All traces of self-consciousness seem to be absent in this video as Akshay and Alka enact the Sita-haran scene from Ramayana as a tribute to never growing up.


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