After Fan And Tubelight, 5 Films That Can Be Made After Household Items
After Fan And Tubelight, 5 Films That Can Be Made After Household Items

We’ve also mentioned who should act in which movie.

Last year, Shah Rukh Khan gave us Fan. This year, Salman Khan will give us Tubelight. It’s funny how both these movies are based on household items. So, going in the same vein, we came up with movie ideas that can be made after household items.





This should ideally star Amitabh Bachchan in a role where he is confined to the chair. Someone like Shoojit Sircar (who did a great job with Piku) can make it.





This should see Ranveer Singh addicted to the television. Since he is so energetic, he can play a couch potato whose expressions are more over the top than the actors on TV.





Since mobile phones are second only to food, house and clothes in the necessity table, someone should really make a film on this. An actor like Irrfan Khan can play the lead role in a sci-fi film about an unusual mobile phone.





For Clock, we’ll need an actor who can defy time and there can be no one better than Anil Kapoor to play the role. It can be a mystery about an extremely precious clock that gets stolen, and AK and his team are out to recover it.





This has to be a sexy, raunchy drama about a couple playing out all kinds of fantasies on their bed. It doesn’t have to have a great plot. Some hot scenes, with Sunny Leone as the lead actress will do just fine.

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