Check Out Fan Reviews Of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam
Fans Are Obsessed With Dwayne Johnson In ‘Black Adam’ After Theatrical Release  

Fans seem mighty impressed!

Pegged as a spin-off of 2019’s American comedy film Shazam, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has hit the theatres in India. The movie arrived in India a day later from its global release. Even though it got mixed reviews from the critics, here’s what the audience has to say about it online:
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The movie follows an anti-hero from the DC universe. This metahuman also works for the people but in his own twisted way. He executes criminals and the American Society of Justice tries to stop him. Although a full-fledged action film, the producers reportedly cut down on violent action scenes to procure a PG 14 rating.  


The decision makes sense as the team would have had to face commercial limitations, had the movie been given the rating. Thus, they collaborated with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and reworked the aggression.  

Initially, the main character killed 10 people but after the edits, it was limited to 5. The makers were happy with the edits and managed to retain many scenes to maintain the excitement. In keeping with the fact that the movie was announced 15 years ago, it’s safe to say that Johnson’s association with the studio has stood the test of time. In a post on Instagram, the Rock also shared pictures from 15 years ago. 

“15 hard years of fighting to make this passion project a reality. Years of studio execs saying “Is there any other DC superheroes you want to play INSTEAD of Black Adam?” My answer was always no,” he wrote, further adding, “A slave, yet blessed with the powers of Superman – Teth Adam is full of rage because his family was ripped away from him. Gone forever. You may not agree with Black Adam’s form of justice, but he’s a protector of his people and will always do what’s right. That’s a compelling, dangerous, and universe-shifting kind of anti-hero.” 


He further wrote that since childhood he was drawn to the character and even today it is an important character to him. It touched his heart as he was the hero of color and everyone around too would see it.

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