Farhan Akhtar's Instagram Proves That He Is Bollywood's Mr. Uncoventional
Farhan Akhtar’s Instagram Proves That He Is Bollywood’s Mr. Uncoventional

His upcoming film Lucknow Central has us excited, mainly because we don’t get to see a lot of jailbreak movies in Bollywood.

You have to tip your hat to Farhan Akhtar. He is our September cover star, and for good reason. His upcoming film Lucknow Central has us excited, mainly because we don’t get to see a lot of jailbreak movies in Bollywood. 


In an interview with us, Akhtar said, “The human quality of the writing, for starters. It is a very empathetic script. Although it is about people in jail, the film still treats them as human beings, and not as the caricatures that we generally end up seeing on screen. It is a very moving and inspiring story, actually. It is about the dreams of the character that I play, and how his dreams are realized, not necessarily in the way he would have liked them to be, but yet they are. I think that is very inspiring, because we all have certain thoughts and ideas of what we want our lives to be like — at times things don’t go exactly as planned, but we should not give up on our dreams, because we will be able to figure out another way.” 


We loved him in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, and the intensity with which he slipped under the skin of Milkha Singh made us realize that perhaps, he is a far better actor than a director. He spoke about his acting process as well, and said, “I don’t think, as an actor, that you can have just one single process. For example, the kind of work I will need to do for a Lucknow Central, so that the audience gets a sense of where this guy is from and what he is like — that kind of effort is not needed in a film like Dil Dhadakne Do, or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.” 


So without further ado, let’s scroll through his Instagram to pick out the shiniest gems. 




He looks dapper in a kurta, and we love that caption. One should never forget their roots, no matter how rich and successful they become. 




This one is for all you cycling enthusiasts, out there! 




Well, Slash would be proud of this look. If only, Farhan could pull off that guitar solo from Sweet Child O’ Mine. Just before the ‘Where do we go now?’ segment. 




Oh God, he’s a Wimbledon enthusiast. And boy, has he got his style A-Game ON in that outfit. 




What painting is that?




Great expression, Farhan. If you’ve liked what you saw so far, do follow him right away. 


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