FIRs Filed Against Bollywood Celebs For Strange Reasons

Not too long ago, actor Ranveer Singh was booked for a highly controversial naked photoshoot, where a plaintiff claimed that she could see his buttocks. The allegations sparked a hilarious furor– online and off it. However, this is not the only instance. There have been many occurences in the past, when complaints were lodged against celebrities for inane reasons. Here are some of the most epic ones that will compell you to question way many things…


Vicky Kaushal Booked For A Bike Ride 

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In January 2022, Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan were shooting in Indore for their upcoming movie Lukachuppi 2. For a scene, he was riding a two-wheeler and a local resident of Indore complained that the vehicle’s number was his. He accused them of using his number without his permission. Now, beat that!


Aamir Khan Booked For Saying ‘Thulla’ 

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In 2014, when Aamir Khan’s movie  PK was released, ‘Thulla’, a slang was used to refer to policemen. However absurd it may sound, the truth is that a filmmaker from Delhi took offense to it, and filed a complait for the same at a police station in the Capital. It was then reported that the man calmed down and left it on the cops to take it forward from there.


Amitabh Bachchan Booked For Not Following The Rules Of The National Anthem  

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In 2017, during the T20 cricket match between India and Pakistan, Amitabh Bachchan sang the national anthem. Turns out, the same Delhi-based filmmaker who created a ruckus on the usage of the term ‘Thulla’ in Aamir Khan’s PK, filed a complaint against the veteran actor for singing it for 1 minute 22 seconds and not 52 seconds!


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Booked For Kissing  

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Bachchan indulged in a lip lock with Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 3 in 2006. In an interview, the actress revealed that post that she had received legal notices from people who questioned the act, given her social standing as an actor of grace and influence.


Sushmita Sen Booked For Commenting On Pre-Marital Sex 

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In 2007, the Madhurai bench of the Madras High Court sent Sushmita Sen a legal notice after she reportedly opined her views on pre-marital sex on national televsion. The former Miss Universe brushed the controversy aside, only to eventually have the petition dismissed on the grounds that it wasn’t important enough.  


Vidya Balan For Posing In A Suggestive Manner In Dirty Picture’s Poster  

When the poster of Vidya Balan’s Dirty Picture was released in 2011, a case was filed against the actress in Hyderabad. The complainant maintained that Balan’s pose in the poster was rather obscene, and derogatory for women.

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