First Look Of Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn In 'Joker: Folie à Deux' Revealed
First Images Of Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn Surprises Twitter

Phillip’s ‘Joker’ was one of the very few movies to have survived the recent DC overhaul

The revamped DCEU had an interesting way of celebrating Valentine’s Day yesterday, with Joker director Todd Philips sharing the first look of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à deux.


The Joker sequel managed to survive the significant overhaul the DC Cinematic Universe went through after it was announced that stars like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill won’t be returning in the future. Affleck will reportedly make his last appearance in the upcoming Flash movie.

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The first Joker movie, which came out in 2019, was a surprise hit grossing $1 billion at the box office and earning star Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar. The follow-up is apparently in principal photography right now in New York and Los Angeles and is scheduled to release on October 4, 2024.


Many might not know but Gaga and Philips have worked together before on A Star Is Born, where the latter served as a producer. This is also the same movie that certified Lady Gaga’s acting credentials after a standout performance alongside director Bradley Cooper.

For Joker: Folie à deux, Philips will once again be reuniting with Scott Silver to share the writing credits. Phillips will also direct the movie, the first look of which with Phoenix was shared back in December.

Both James Gunn and Peter Safran have been fairly optimistic about the Joker movie and Matt Reeve’s Batman movie, both of which take place outside the main continuity of the DC Universe. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Safran was quoted saying, “The bar is going to be very high for projects to be outside the DCU, the Elseworlds projects,” adding, “But every now and then there will be something that lives up to that.”

Here’s How The Internet Reacted To Gaga’s Look:
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