Five Badass Moments From The Third Episode Of Game Of Thrones' Final Season
Five Badass Moments From The Third Episode Of Game Of Thrones’ Final Season

A whole lot of badassery

FINALLY! Finally, we fans get an episode that has the Game of Thrones DNA etched into it — Blood, gore and death. After two pretty underwhelming episodes, we were finally treated to some good ol’ GOT action.


Before we get into our favourite moments, here are some interesting facts about this historic episode:


1.) ‘The Battle of Winterfell’ episode features the longest battle sequence in film and TV history. The scene is even longer than The Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep siege.


2.) It took 55 whole days to film.


3.) There were almost 750 people who were part of this episode.


4.) It is directed by Miguel Sapochnik, the same man who directed another iconic GOT episode called the ‘Battle of the Bastards’.


5.) At 82 minutes, it is the longest GOT episode ever.


Now that that’s out of the way, here are our five favourite moments from this absolute badass episode and it goes without saying, spoilers ahead.



Direwolf + Jorah + Dothrakis = BADASS





The battle of Winterfell started off on a badass note when an army of Dothraki, led by Jorah and a direwolf came down upon the army of the dead. Too bad it didn’t work though. Also, we have no idea if Ghost, the direwolf survived.









In what can only be considered a fiery scene, Daenerys and Jon unleashed mayhem on the army of the dead with the help of two mighty dragons. But just when an extensive amount of damage was being done, the whole battleground got covered in a cold icy mist, signalling the arrival of the dreaded Night King.









As if a dragon wasn’t enough, once the giant entered, we thought it was the end for Winterfell. But the smallest one of them defeated the biggest one of theirs. Lady Mormont, in a brave and courageous moment, faced off against the behemoth and poked him straight in the eye with dragon glass. She really takes no bullshit from anyone.




Far From The BattleGROUND





In a beautiful moment, all three dragons and their masters faced off not on the battleground, but among the clouds under the moonlight. The Night King’s dragon almost obliterated Dany and her dragon with its blue flames. The scene was amazingly shot and kept us biting our nails thinking if she’d survived this attack or not. After attacking her, the dragon and the night king swooped down through the thick clouds, leaving Dany and Jon wondering what to do next. The scene was not only action-packed but was also aesthetically pleasing.




The Most Badass Moment Of Them All





If we’re talking about badassery, then Arya Stark’s name tops the list. Apart from cleverly taking out many of her enemies, she killed the Night King! Something even a dragon couldn’t do. She basically ended the whole war with just one stab. All hail Arya Stark.

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