Five Crucial Details You Need To Know About The New Joker Film

The trailer for the highly anticipated Joker film was finally released and it has the potential to be one of the greatest villain origin stories ever made. The 2-minute trailer is filled with small details and clues that could point to bigger things. 


It is set to be unlike any other DC film, so here are five things you should know about the new Joker film:




The Film Is Inspired By The Killing Joke Comic





DC’s The Killing Joke comic is one of the greatest pieces of literature in comic book history and the new Joker film is heavily inspired by it. The comic is considered to be one of the greatest examples of great comic book storytelling, especially for a villain. In The Killing Joke, Arthur aka Joker is a struggling stand up comedian whose world is full of heartache and pain. The film will follow the same concept as well and focus on what drove Arthur to become the ruthless maniac he eventually became.




Won’t Be A CGI Mess





This new take on the Joker will not be anything you’d expect of a DC film. There will be no expensive CGI effects used and it will, for the first time, give us the most in-depth and detailed look at the Joker’s past. His relationships, his previous failed career and of course, his deteriorating mental state. The film will be more of a psychological character study more than anything. 




No Sequels





It should be understood that this is a standalone movie and won’t have sequels to it. DC could draw connections from this Joker movie in their upcoming standalone Batman movie, but we’ll only know that for sure once it’s out. Reports also revealed that Phoenix did not sign any multiple-movie contract as he wasn’t “comfortable” doing that. It’s a shame though because we’re really digging Phoenix’s portrayal of the iconic villain. 




The Wayne Connection





If you thought there would be a Joker film without a hint of Batman, then you’d be wrong. That being said, this movie will not focus on Bruce Wayne himself but will feature Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. And it looks like a lot of the movie is going to be dedicated to that. In one scene, we see Arthur aka the Joker, creepily patroling what looks to be the Wayne manor and meets a young Bruce Wayne. This could mean that in this rendition, the Joker could be the one to kill Bruce’s parents.




Todd Philips’ Take





It was a very unexpected move for a major comic book studio like DC to bring on a filmmaker like Todd Philips. Philips is most well-known for his Hangover franchise, and it’s naturally surprising to think a filmmaker like that is going to write and direct a film like the Joker. Well, it is happening and it already looks amazing. Philips’ is taking a lot of his inspiration from not only the Joker comic books but also from classic Martic Scorcese films like Taxi Driver and the King of Comedy.

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