Five Most Popular PUBG Hacks Players Use
Five Most Popular PUBG Hacks Players Use

These are popular, but also extremely annoying

There are various kinds of PUBG players in the world. From team leaders who always get you a win to terrible ones who can’t be left alone for even a second. But there are also players who make the game easier for themselves by using various kinds of cheats and hacks to win the game and gain an unfair advantage over their opponent. 


PUBG does have an anti-hack system in place that immediately picks up on a player if he/she uses a hack. But sometimes, even the system misses out. We list five of the most infamous kinds of hacks players use while playing PUBG down below:


1.) Aim Hacks


If your aim isn’t great, you’re as good as burnt toast. Aim hacks help players to keep their aim fixed on the enemy, so they don’t have to worry about recoil or bad aiming. Some aim hacks make your job even easier by making a big red circle over the enemy and killing the enemy by allowing you to shoot anywhere inside the circle made over them.




2.) Enemy Location Hacks


This hack will allow you to see the location of all nearby enemies. This is annoying as hell as stealth is one of the main aspects of the game and how well you can root out your enemies. 




3.) Mesh/Wall Hacks


Mesh hacks or wall hacks disable all the mesh colliders in the game which allows players to shoot through cover, walls, buildings and basically, any surface, leaving other players exposed and vulnerable.




4.) Speed Hacks


Speed hacks either enable a player to completely transport themselves elsewhere or help them gain much more speed while walking, sprinting and even crawling. 




5.) Damage Hacks


Probably the most powerful hack anyone could use, this one doesn’t allow you to take any damage when getting shot at. You could have hundreds of players shooting at you and you’ll walk out unscathed.


If you ask us, we believe everyone should play a fair game. So try and refrain from using hacks like these that will help you make your gaming experience easier because you’ll soon realise there’s no fun without tough competition. 

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