Game of Thrones: The Hottest Men Of Season 7

Game of Thrones returns to our TV screens this Sunday. And along with the drama and action, there’s also going to be the comeback of all the goodlooking (and sometimes nude) actors in our lives.


While a lot of the hot men might have been killed off till now (because Valar Moghulis), there’s still enough material for the women to feast their eyes, from badboys to the heroes.


These gentlemen are proof enough; for a little bit of objectification has not hurt anyone.


The Hound



With a half-burnt face, Sandor Clegane might not be the prettiest man on the show. But there are fewer more badass guys than the character played by Rory McCann, and he could finally make his point at the highly-anticipated Cleganebowl this season.


The Mountain



The other Clegane sibling, Gregor broke many hearts by crushing Oberyn Martell’s head like a mere watermelon. Now on Cersie’s side, The Mountain, played by one of the world’s strongest men Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, continues to have a sizable fan following nonetheless.


Ser Jorah Mormont



While Daenerys might not have reciprocated the love that Jorah the Andal has given her all this time, there are many women all set to jet with him on his horse. Enacted by Iain Glen, Jorah definitely doesn’t deserve to be ‘friendzoned’ forever.


Daario Naharis



For however rude she might have been to Jorah, we can forgive Danny for she has something as droolworthy as the Commander of the Second Sons to go home to. Though Michiel Huisman’s Naharis has stayed back at Slaver’s Bay, we hope to see him at Westeros sometime before the show ends.


Grey Worm



With her lover left behind, the Mother of Dragons has trusted advisors like the Commander of the Unsullied army to look out for her. Portrayed on screen by Jacob Anderson, Grey Worm’s chemistry with Missandei is also one to watch out for.


Theon Greyjoy



Another man robbed off his manhood, Alfie Allen’s Theon has to be one of the most unfortunate characters on the show. But he does lose some brownie points for betraying the family that raised him.





The hottest blacksmith in the kingdoms! Who knew that Gendry (Joe Dempsie) would be the last Baratheon standing? With Arya back in Westeros, expect to see more of this hottie.





If you’ve got a thing for ginger men, you have to love Kristofer Hivju’ wildling character. You’d be lying if you said his equation with Brienne didn’t make you giggle.


Jon Snow



Undoubtedly the most popular man from the show, Kit Harington’s bastard Lord Commander is a sight to behold. Even his hair has a tumblr page of its own!


Jamie Lannister



Last but definitely not the least, the Kingslayer has made many women go week in their knees with that killer smile. With or without both hands, Jamie Lannister is the hottest man on the show. Period.

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