What Is Gaurav Taneja's Net Worth In 2022
What Is Gaurav Taneja’s Net Worth In 2022?

So how much does a pilot turned influencer earn from making videos and brand endorsements

Pilot, YouTuber and fitness influencer Gaurav Taneja dons many hats, all of which contribute to his net worth. Also known as Flying Beast, Taneja’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 35 crores. But how does a pilot turned influencer become this rich?


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Since he started off as a pilot, his approximate compensation is between Rs 10 to 12 lakh. Then he does quite a few brand endorsements every month which contribute approximately Rs 3 to 4 lakh to his income. Taneja has also invested in luxury homes and automobiles worth Rs 6 to 7 crores. He has more than 7 million followers on YouTube and that again results in an income of almost Rs 20 lakh. In fact, Taneja has two more accounts on YouTube — one about fitness and one about his daughter. Collectively, these rake in more than Rs 25 lakh. Since he has an inclination towards fitness, he keeps on participating in different bodybuilding competitions and has won a few as well.


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Taneja is married to commercial pilot and influencer Ritu Rathee and they make a lot of content together. They also participated in a reality show called Smart Jodi. The couple have also met USA’s ex-president Barack Obama in Singapore.


It was in 2020 when Taneja came into the limelight. He shared a video wherein he’d pointed out outrageous violations by his airline. Eventually, he was laid off by the airlines. In fact, Taneja found himself entangled in controversy again when he tweeted that Havan is a natural antidote to pollution. He wrote that when the gas tragedy in Bhopal happened, two families remained unaffected because they performed regular Havans at their homes. Last Saturday, he was arrested by the Delhi Police for celebrating his birthday at a metro railway station. His followers and fans stormed the station and then under the Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and Section 188 which include disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant, he was arrested.

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