10 Questions with Taha Shah Badussha
10 Questions with Taha Shah Badussha

With Heeramandi’s Tajdar winning hearts, here is a glimpse of the man behind the character

Taha Shah Badussha has aced it in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Heeramandi, as Tajdar, the ‘London-returned’ nawab who finds himself torn between two dangerous loves—one with a Alamzeb, the daughter of a courtesan, and the other with one’s motherland—and revolting against his father and the British government.


“The preparation process was extensive and involved delving deep into Tajdar’s psyche, motivations, and backstory. Understanding Tajdar's walk, inner monologues, and relationships enriched my portrayal. Researching pre-independence India and the diaspora’s mindset provided invaluable context. As for the worst bit, there were no downsides; every aspect of preparation was enriching and fulfilling, driving my curiosity and commitment to the character,” says the ever-enthusiastic actor.


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But Taha is not new to playing a nawab, having given a breakthrough performance as the short-tempered and deliciously dark, Murad, in Taj: Divided by Blood last year. But the actor points out: “While 'Murad' honed my Urdu language skills, Tajdar's character and era diverged significantly, focusing on different themes and historical contexts. Murad embodied aggression and impulsiveness, driven by familial approval, while Tajdar epitomises love, freedom, and resistance against oppression. Despite language similarities, the characters' motivations, contexts, and cultural nuances were distinct, requiring separate immersion and understanding.”


But how is this young actor when he is not putting on the garb of a character? Here is a Teaser of Taha Shah Badussha, beyond the elaborate sherwanis!


Three social media trends you want the world to get rid of in 2024: 

Let’s ditch the endless selfies, the clickbait articles promising happiness in 10 easy steps, and the influencers peddling detox teas that taste like liquid regret!


Three words that define you: 

Relentless. Forever Positive. Curious.


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Three words that define love: 

Unconditional (like a dog's loyalty), peaceful (when you finally agree on which movie to watch), and blind (because who hasn’t dated someone who's clearly a hot mess, but you just can't see it?).


Your idea of a perfect date 

A movie that tickles the funny bone, followed by a stroll where we debate the movie's plot twists and share secrets under the stars.


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The most precious possession in your wardrobe: 

Definitely my jackets, each with its own story, and my trusty iron kada, a nod to tradition amidst modern chaos.


Four things that nobody knows about you? 

First, despite appearing strict, I have a weakness for sweet potato fries. Secondly, I’m a huge fan of cartoons and find inspiration in their comedic nature. I'm a complete mama’s boy. And lastly, a few know I was once expelled from school for graffitiing my nickname across the walls, teaching me valuable lessons about consequences and shaping my path in unexpected ways.


The most useless talent you have? 

I can down a ketchup bottle in one go. A skill that's yet to earn me a medal, but hey, a man's gotta have hobbies (chuckles)


The most bizarre thing you have read or heard about yourself: 

That I swing both ways.


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The biggest life lesson from a movie quote: 

“You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” - Rocky Balboa


Your go-to activity to ensure optimum mental health: 

My motto is ‘sweat it out’. Any activity that highly physically demanding, especially gymnastics / dance / and calisthenics, is my go-to. It activates every pore of my body and fires up my mind. It makes me extremely happy and joyful. And it makes me feel like I’ve won the day. 

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