“Having Sex With Brad Pitt Was Beautiful”- Marion Cotillard Talks About Her Next Film
“Having Sex With Brad Pitt Was Beautiful”- Marion Cotillard Talks About Her Next Film

She also draws similarities with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Is Cotillard hinting at something?


Marion Cotillard recently visited the sets of The Late Night Show where the reticent actress opened up about filming sex scenes with her co-star Brad Pitt in their new spy drama, Allied.


During the show, the dreamy-eyed beauty discussed in length about the process of filming to host Stephen Colbert. “Let’s imagine, you’re with your wife, in bed or anywhere, here, and then all those people are watching. Yeah, cameras, like 50 people are watching. Do you still find it sexy?” Marion quipped.


She also added, “But it’s a beautiful love scene, very beautiful,” to which Colbert cheekily replied, “There are multiple beautiful love scenes! Again, I’m just trying to sell tickets here”.





At another event Cotillard said, “Well, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was really a comedy and this one is very entertaining but at the same time, there is a very profound questioning about love, about trust — and the movie is very moving. It’s very emotional. But yes, there are common points between the stories, because it’s two spies who meet on a mission.”


We all know what happened after Mr. and Mrs. Smith (for the uninitiated, Angelina Jolie started her affair with Pitt while shooting that film, kicking his then wife Jennifer Aniston out of his life). Is Cotillard pulling a Jolie on Jolie? Is Angelina Jolie the new Jennifer Aniston? Only time will tell.

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