Here's Why Ajay Devgn Memes Are Better Than Ajay Devgn Comedy
Here’s Why Ajay Devgn Memes Are Better Than Ajay Devgn Comedy

Happy Birthday, Ajay Devgn.

Happy Birthday Ajay Devgn,


We’ve loved you in intense roles like Gangaajal, and we’ve hated you in inane roles like Shivaay. We don’t think you’re versatile, and sometimes you do films that are hard to survive. It’s not like you don’t seem intelligent. There are interviews where you make some sharp confessions. “I know which film is not going to do well. So, it affects me while shooting and I know it’s not going to work and then I want to get over with it as soon as possible. And then it affects you while promoting a product,” you said in an interview with TOI. 


This does not show a lack of talent, but a lack of intent. If a film is coming along badly, don’t you try to change the tide given your clout and star status? 


But let’s leave that aside. Even though your comic movies like the Golmaal series fails to make us laugh, these hilarious memes based on you were successful in inciting a giggle. 




If you’re not getting the Zubaan Kesari reference, here’s the ad.

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