Here's What Marvel Plans To Release After Endgame

Endgame is finally here, and it ended the stories of all our OG Avengers. Now it’s time to pass the torch onto the second generation of Marvel superheroes.


Reports had surfaced that Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr’s contracts with Marvel have ended and hence, won’t be part of further Captain America or Iron Man movies. Marvel has neither confirmed nor denied these rumours. 


And even though Endgame is probably the most awaited Marvel film of all time, the comic studio has a lot more in store for us. Rotten Tomatoes put out this list of Marvel movies slated to release through confirmations acquired through their research and through Marvel President, Kevin Feige himself. The next movie to be released after Endgame is Spiderman: Far From Home which will be released in July. But this list will focus on everything after that, excluding Marvel’s branches like X-Men and Sony’s MCU-“adjunct” films like Venom. Read the whole list below:




Black Widow’s Standalone Film


Estimated Release Date – May 1, 2020





Black Panther 2


Estimated Release Date – November 6, 2020





Captain Marvel 2


Estimated Release Date – July 31, 2021





Doctor Strange 2


Estimated Release Date – November 5, 2021





Guardians of the Galaxy 3


Estimated Release Date – May 6, 2022






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