Squid Game Season 2: Fans Have Some Interesting Theories For S2
Here’s What Audiences Think ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Could Be About

Could the wait be any more longer?

Cashing in on the popularity of Squid Game, the makers are working on a second season. Netflix recently announced that it’ll be bringing everyone’s favourite game show back sometime in 2023-2024. And while the first season wrapped itself up with a bowtie, there were some loose ends that could be tied up in the upcoming season. We’ve compiled the four best theories that the show could explore in the upcoming season. 


A Prequel And More Of The Front Man



Probably the safest option the creators can take is to explore how the games came to be and why they were created in the first place. While the first season already saw some hints being thrown around by Il-Nam also known as ‘Number One,’ about their origins but nothing was explored more concretely. Then there’s also the opportunity to explore how the Front Man became the Front Man by winning the competition. 


Squid Game Goes International




We’re willing to bet an arm and leg that Squid Game universe expands further than the borders of Korea. A Reddit user by the name of Maximum-Range pointed to a line of dialogue was said by one of the VIP members introduced in the first season which went something like, “The games this edition have been amazing,” with the other one adding “The contest in Korea was the best.” Although, considering how localised the core concept and cast of the show is, we’re not putting much stock in this theory. 


The Hot Cop Is Alive 




Fondly referred to as the “hot cop” on the internet, Hwang Jun Ho not only infiltrated the competition but also managed to bring the whole thing down on his own. However, just at the cusp of getting help, he was shot by his brother In-ho, or the Front Man. Although, it should be noted that we never saw the body and there is a possibility that our favourite cop would be back to bring down the organisation. Not to mention, it will also play into the “brother vs brother” narrative. 


Seong Gi-Hun To Infiltrate The Game As A Worker 




Our best theory is also the most plausible one. Considering the last 5 or so minutes of the first season, we suspect Gi-hun might infiltrate the games as a worker and try to take down the game by himself. Squid Game puts a lot of stock into the use of colours and imagery to bring out various aspects of the show. In the first season, Gi-hun became a player and donned a blue-green tracksuit after he chose the blue tile from the Salesman. At the end of the first season though, he was sporting a fiery red-dyed hairdo, which could mean that he might be seen wearing the red suit worn by the workers. 


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