He's More Than Just Good Looks: Here's Why Arjun Rampal Is Bollywood's Most Underrated Actor
He’s More Than Just Good Looks: Here’s Why Arjun Rampal Is Bollywood’s Most Underrated Actor

It’s time Arjun Rampal got his due in Bollywood.

Arjun Rampal is just like fine wine. He’s gotten better and better with time and there’s no denying there’s something really striking about the man which makes women go weak in the knees. Whether it is that deep, baritone voice or his mesmerizing personality, the heartthrob has always managed to give sleepless nights to women across the country (and even the globe).




And with his latest venture, Daddy, he is delving into an unchartered territory, that is, scriptwriting (he is also the co-producer). For all those who are unaware, Arjun Rampal has been credited with co-writing the screenplay alongside director Ashim Ahluwalia, and with this comes the realization: Is there anything the man cannot do? From modeling to acting and now scriptwriting (even stealing hearts, here and there), this outrageously sexy man is definitely on a career high these days with his current project, Daddy, which is a biopic on gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli. The film has garnered a lot of positive buzz among the film circuit and is being touted as a gamechanger of sorts, as far as his career is concerned.


 Talking about his career, he’s one of the few actors who haven’t really got their due yet in Bollywood. Despite some mind-blowing performances that may have garnered him immense critical acclaim, and his ability to overshadow his counterparts in films, Arjun Rampal’s career in Bollywood seems to have been slower in pace. But things may very well change with Daddy which, besides thrilling viewers with its trailer, is also releasing at a time when Hindi cinema is at one of its most glorious stages. With repeated success and appreciation of indie and regional cinema, this is indeed one of the best periods for the fraternity, without the usual masala element that was once the sole factor that would make or break a film.





Besides Daddy, there are a bunch of films where Arjun Rampal has owned the screen space, even when he starred alongside bigger names who’ve ruled Bollywood. So here’s taking a look at the best performances of one of Bollywood’s most underrated actors  who always manages to set the screens on fire with his subtle, yet powerful performances.  


 Kahaani 2



No one can overshadow Vidya Balan. No one. But then, there is always an element of surprise lurking around the corner which makes us realise how wrong we are. If Kahaani 2 was someone’s baby, it was definitely Arjun’s and not Vidya’s. Surprisingly, Arjun stole the show in a female-centric film as the police sub-inspector who is on a mission to find out the cause behind a missing child and Vidya Balan’s past.



Rock On!!



If there was anyone who was in character in Rock On!, it was none other the suave Arjun Rampal whose silent, introverted demeanour alongside his sexy long locks, made women and critics go gaga. This was probably one of the first films where he was acknowledged for his acting chops, rather than the usual good-looker-model stereotype one usually associated him with.






When a Kapoor scion shares screen space with you, you don’t stand a chance, do you? Well, not in this one. The Kapoor scion may have gotten a meatier role (and well, the heroine’s affection), Arjun managed to floor us with that oh-so-brooding demeanour and his incredible performance as a politician who is also the victim of unrequited love.



Om Shanti Om



However shoddy the film may have been, the presence of the Arjun Rampal as the sexy villain in the film made up for it all.






Does anyone else fit the bill as the incredibly suave and hunky CEO of an advertising agency who sends women into a state of tizzy, other than Arjun Rampal? We don’t think so. He’s just one of the rare Bollywood gems who can mould into his character with so much of ease, it’s absolutely phenomenal.

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