Hip Hip Hurray Cast Release Highly Nostalgic Video As The Show Completes 20 Years
Hip Hip Hurray Cast Release Highly Nostalgic Video As The Show Completes 20 Years

Warning: Major Nostalgia Alert

If you are a 90’s kid, you know what this show meant. Hip Hip Hurray was the perfect light-hearted show that depicted situations you found yourself in sometimes. 


The show proved to be the perfect platform for young actors like Purab Kohli, Vishal Malhotra and Nauheed Cyrusi, to take their careers forward.


First airing back in 1998, it completed 20 years on 21st October and the cast decided to release a video, talking about what the show meant to them and thanking the fans who watched and supported it. 


Nauheed Cyrusi, also goes on to say, “Every single person who’s worked with me on this show, has gone on to do such amazing things.  I feel very blessed and honoured that I was a part of it” said Nauheed Cyrusi.


Purab Kohli, who got his first role in Hip Hip Hurray, says, “Hip Hip Hurray changed my life. It placed me in a career and made me do things I never imagined I would be doing. To be loved for doing something you really loved doing is a privilege I am grateful to have had.”


The show mainly revolved around the lives of 12th grade students studying at DeNobili High School. It garnered a huge youth following, and was considered one of the most successful shows of that time.  


Watching a video like this really does take you back, making you reminisce the days where you could just get back from school, and relax by watching a few episodes of Hip Hip Hurray.


*SIGH* Such simpler times.

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