We Hope Judwaa 2 Doesn't Feature Such WTF Scenes From David Dhawan's Previous Movies
We Hope Judwaa 2 Doesn’t Feature Such WTF Scenes From David Dhawan’s Previous Movies

Even though these scenes are atrocious, we have to admit that they manage to make us chuckle.

David Dhawan was the undisputed king of slapstick comedy during the 90s. And even though some of his movies have been plain atrocious, we are excited about Judwaa 2. Varun Dhawan has the class to make even the most inane dialogues look funny, and his comic timing is so effortless, we think he is the best in India. 


But since we haven’t seen the movie yet, we’ll take a look at some WTF scenes from previous movies. 






Shakti Kapoor plays a totla, and along with Salman Khan, they try to steal a suitcase which has a bomb in it (they think it has money). But Shakti Kapoor meets the other Salman Khan, who tells him to keep the bag back in its place. 


Mujhse Shaadi Karogi




Who proposes in the middle of a cricket pitch and has the entire world watching? Even a big cricketer like Kapil Dev plays along, and instead of being outraged, he chooses to be happy. 


Deewana Mastana




On top of the pile when it comes to WTF characters, Pappu Pager ranks the highest. First of all, he is such an idiot, but is actually a fearsome gangster. There are some real WTF insults that you can use if you want to insult your friends – like doodh ka fatela hissa and kajoo ka nichla hissa. Watch out for Govinda’s flawless monologue at the end. 


Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan




Amitabh Bachchan was going through a really lean phase when he starred in this movie, but that doesn’t mean his acting game dropped. This scene sees him trying to break out of a jail, and the dialogue delivery that all three characters manage in such a tense situation is WTF raise to the power of 3. 


Biwi No 1




Anil Kapoor straightens Salman Khan’s leg in this video. But later on, Anil discovers that Sushmita Sen is hiding somewhere in the house. The most WTF pun in this scene is when Anil asks Salman, “Tu India se yahaan tak Ash karne aaya hai?” Salman replies, “Ash nahi, ash nahi. Sush!” 

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