Better Call Saul Season 6: Here’s What Fans Of The Show Think
‘Hope Vince Gilligan Comes Up With Another Spinoff’: ‘Better Call Saul’s’ Last Season Premiere Leaves Fans Emotional

No (major) spoilers ahead, we promise

It’s April 18th and it’s finally time for the world to pull the covers off Better Call Saul’s final season, or at least its first volume. AMC Entertainment teased its world premiere stream with a few sneak peeks into today’s two-episode reveal, giving us a glimpse of Kim, Jimmy, and a probably-bloodthirsty Lalo Salamanca:


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With years of meticulous plotting by creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould falling into place, Better Call Saul’s final season will knit together both Breaking Bad-verse shows nearly 15 years after we got to see Walter White’s descent into the ruthless ‘Heisenberg’.


AMC themselves seem quite excited to kick off one of TV’s highest-anticipated seasons this week, releasing several cute social-media segments featuring the show’s incredible cast.

Today saw the appearance of the always-hilarious Howard Hamlin, played  by Patrick Fabian, landing a real ‘knockout’ on fans of the show.

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Meanwhile, fans themselves went all out in support of the show, excitedly counting down the hours, budgeting TV-binge time for the week, and even creating awesome fan-art of their favorite characters.


Here’s a particularly sweet sketch of Saul Goodman in a classic ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ pose:

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While several brought up concerns around Kim’s character — who definitely doesn’t make it into Breaking Bad:


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Others crossed their fingers, hoping that after the show finally ends, a spinoff series may be announced:


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Better Call Saul’s sixth season launches today on AMC+, and is scheduled to release on Netflix tomorrow on April 19th, 2022.


(Featured Image Credits: AMC Entertainment)

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