‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7: Trailer Breakdown 
‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7: Trailer Breakdown 

We can’t believe that there’s just four more episodes to go

As fans of Westeros joined in for a super-hyped Episode 6 release this morning, we also got a glimpse into the events of next week’s episode, which cranks up the political intensity to eleven. 


Titled Driftmark, the next episode will move forward with an older set of characters, deeper plot points, and darker overtones as the ten-year-time skip push Westeros further towards the bloody ‘Dance of the Dragons’ civil war. 

Check It Out Below: 

We’ll finally get the scene they’ve been teasing in trailers since the beginning when Alicent pulls a knife on Rhaenyra at some kind of gathering, probably the funeral for Laena Velaryon –– which sets off a series known as The Red Spring. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say that 120 AC is set to be a truly depressing year for many of Westeros’ noble families –– many of whom will have to buy caskets of their own. 


Credits: HBO

Laena’s own water-bound funeral –– a full contrast compared to the Targaryen cremation we witnessed Rhaenyra preside over in an earlier episode –– comes with plenty of high stakes and an interesting opportunity for Daemon and Rhaenyra to rediscover each other after years apart. 

Another intriguing aspect is the trailer’s voiceovers of ‘Someone stole Vhagar,” probably uttered by her twins Baela and Rhaena. Remember, Vhagar is the biggest known living dragon we’ve seen so far –– making it no small feat to capture or form a bond with her, and of great consequence for the events that will unfold into Season 2. 

Meanwhile, Larys’ elimination of his entire family has led to him becoming the inheritor of Harrenhal, and has opened up the position of the Hand to Otto Hightower once more. 

There’s no doubt that with just four episodes to go, the second arc of HOTD has millions of fans on the edge of their seats: 

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House of the Dragon returns next Monday at 6:30 AM on Hotstar. 


Lead Image: HBO 

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