Is Hrithik Roshan Making The Right Film Choices? We Don't Think So
Is Hrithik Roshan Making The Right Film Choices? We Don’t Think So

Is Hrithik Roshan the best fit to play the role of a mathematician or a kabaddi player?

Hrithik Roshan has been in the news lately and how? Well, recently rumours surfaced how his last film, Kaabil, is all set for a Hollywood remake. This is certainly great news for him and the makers of the blockbuster hit, and we’re surely hoping for the best.


But then, this isn’t what made us pen this article. Last week, there was some buzz about how Hrithik is all set to star in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of Amish Tripathi’s The Immortals of Meluha (which was earlier KJo’s film but then, his contract expired).


Prior to that, there was an announcement about him playing the role of a Patna based mathematician, Anand Kumar, in Vikas Bahl’s next. He will also be seen donning the role of a Kabaddi player in a film produced by Ronnie Screwvala.


With this overdose of announcements, one thing is clear. Hrithik Roshan is trying to take huge strides and also challenge stereotypes. He is also probably trying to get out of his father’s shadows, because you see, it is all in the family. The man has solid family backing with most of his successful films being produced and directed by his father.


But then, is he best suited for all these roles that he’s taken up? Here’s decoding how Hrithik might not be the best fit, after all. 



A mathematician?


A lot of his loyal fans will not be able to digest Hrithik, fully clothed without flaunting his six-pack abs and dancing. Likewise, Anand Kumar’s students who’ve made it to the IIT, won’t be able to picture Hrithik as their teacher (because well, obviously a narcissist playing their beloved mathematician is kind of unbelievable. Hrithik may be too busy admiring himself in mirror to, maybe, solve a sum). 


A Kabaddi player?


Bollywood is super obsessed with sports these days. And Hrithik may soon join the sports bandwagon too. But is it a good idea? Well, we certainly don’t think so. To be a kabaddi player, you need to be fast, rugged, flexible (to ace the game) and possess the right height because that does affect the game to a certain extent. Being aggressive is also one aptitude that is a prerequisite for the players. Hrithik has abs to boast of but then again, to be a kabaddi player, being fit doesn’t necessarily mean possessing six pack abs (the common presumption these days). 


Playing Shiva; repetitive much? 


Hrithik was OD-ing on history with Jodhaa Akbar and Mohenjo Daro and now he’s jumped on to the mythology bandwagon. We aren’t saying history and mythology are one and the same, but Hrithik does seem to be repetitive, almost all the time. He did Fiza and Mission Kashmir, which released one after the other, then he went on to do some shoddy romantic films in succession, after which his Krrish series cropped up (he OD-ed on the superhero genre). Just saying. 


We don’t know how these films will fare at the box-office but we do hope that a day comes when Hrithik starts making some informed choices in life when it comes to selecting roles in films.


This may seem like wishful thinking, but then why not? 

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