Tripling’s Amol Parashar Says He Never Knew Comedy Would Become His Strength

This Delhi boy in Mumbai is okay with working without a plan, as long as meaningful work comes his way

Actor Amol Parashar, best known for his role as Chitvan Sharma in the web series TVF Tripling, has a meaty role to play in the show’s forthcoming season. The show’s next season will start streaming on October 21 and Parashar is quite excited to see how things pan out. MW catches up with the young actor ahead of the show’s release.  Excerpts: 


Crediting the writers and makers for throwing in fresh elements, Sharma reveals that the new season will be taking a slightly serious turn. “People can already tell that after watching the trailer. It has drama but it will not suddenly become a dramatic show. We’re dealing with emotions and relationships on a deeper level. Especially Chitvan’s character, because he is quirky and has a different take on things. People will also get to see how he will deal with this emotional stuff,” he says.

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When quizzed about how much of a ‘Chitvan’ is he in his real life, Parashar adds, “At the time of season 1 maybe I wasn’t that much of a Chitvan, but it has grown on me. His character has been associated with someone who is young and carefree but I believe in my life I had an opposite journey where I was serious and shy. With time, I have opened up and have become lighter.” 


But, what he relates the most (with this character) is that he free of inhibitions. “I also sometimes say things which might make a person feel that arey aise kaun bolta hai? It’s not that I say something really outrageous but people laugh at it. It’s true and honest. I am candid and I like that, I don’t keep it to myself,” he says.  

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The last two seasons were about siblings going on a trip, but this time the whole family happens to be on an adventurous trek. And, Parashar does like the idea of being over the mountain tops. He says, “Going to the mountains has been a childhood activity for me. Every summer we used to go on holiday and I used to love it. Now if you ask me when was my last time, then it’s been quite some time.” 


However, the actor now wants to travel with his family more after going through experiences like these. “What we did in childhood has remained there. Many people told me after watching the show that they also will take trips like these. We don’t usually do it but we should. I had planned a trip in 2019 with my parents to go to my sister who resides abroad but due to work, I couldn’t travel with them. But now next month we are planning a trip again,” he says.  

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As someone who’s really close to his sister in real life, Parashar says that their equation is akin to the rapport shared by the sibling trio of Tripling. He explains, “Unlike people who regularly keep in touch with their siblings, ours is a different one. But having said this we still know what we are up to in our lives. And if we try to talk more one of us ends up saying, why are you being so emotional or do you want someone? It is cute on its own but it is a kind of relationship that is always there. Unlike friendships or relationships which might fade off, it never happens here. Aap kuch bhi karlo aap hi ho bhai aur aap hi ho behen.” 


A graduate in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering (IIT) Delhi, Parashar found his calling in performing arts a lot later on in life. Work often took him to Mumbai. And, he eventually decided to take a break from work and pursue acting.

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But, this Delhi munda didn’t find it difficult to adjust in Mumbai. “I am not as what Delhi people are perceived to be. Especially as an actor when there were roles for a person from Delhi they used to tell me that my personality is like that of a native of Mumbai. I didn’t understand then but later realized that Delhi in cinema is like Band Baaja Baaraat and Fukrey. But, I grew up in a neutral environment and that didn’t come to me,” he says. 


He didn’t go to Mumbai with a plan because, in the life of an actor, not everything goes according to plan. “Whatever came to me I kept taking up stuff that made sense to me. And you hope that it works and it brings more work. I didn’t think that comedy will one day become my strongest asset. I thought it is more difficult to make people laugh. I also kept learning and becoming better. I used to feel scared also while doing comedy. But, a person finds a way and I also did,” he says.  

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Parashar is someone who believes that the work he does should be meaningful. “I just don’t do work for the sake of it. Just because I haven’t done a negative character I should it is not okay. But this stage comes eventually to a person. If I don’t feel strongly about it, I won’t do it. I am okay with dealing with negativities and criticisms as well,” he concludes.  


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