'I Seek Peace': Was Amitabh Bachchan Warned Before The Paradise Papers Leak?
‘I Seek Peace’: Was Amitabh Bachchan Warned Before The Paradise Papers Leak?

The actor penned an emotional blog one night before The Indian Express’ investigation was published nationwide

After being embroiled in the Panama Papers leak not too long ago, another Indian Express investigation finds Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan in the eye of the storm. The names of the alleged Indian offenders in the Paradise Papers leak were published on Monday and the Kaun Banega Crorepati host was put on the hot seat yet again.


But surprisingly, he had penned a hugely emotional blog on the eve of the leak going public, which prompts us to raise the question of him being warned about the contents of the investigation. 


In case you don’t follow his antics on digital platforms, the megastar expressed a sense of regret at being a celebrity in his recent post.


‘At this age and time of my life I seek peace and freedom from prominence,’ he said.


He desires ‘to be left to lead the last few years of my life with and within myself.’


I do not seek epithets, I abhor them .. I do not seek headlines, I do not deserve them .. I do not seek acknowledgement, I am not qualified for it… 


What made this dramatic blog post smell a little fishy was the timing. Was Senior Bachchan tipped off ahead of the leak that was being put in ink at the printing presses on Sunday night?


“And as is the ethics of media, they always check a story before it gets published .. so they sent enquiries to me, through various sources .. the PR agency, the TV channels through direct connects etc, (sic)” he hinted at the probability of the Indian Express contacting him for his comments. 


The lengthy blog post was pegged on the issue of illegal constructions and notices being reportedly served to the actor. He appended a clarification with the acknowledgment of the ‘quick’ nature of communication on digital platforms. 


Things escalated quickly from there as the Shahenshah went on to recollect the horrors of the Bofors scam within his family and also reiterated his ‘cooperation’ with the authorities on the Panama Papers investigation. 


It might have been a good move to gain public sympathy, but will it help in proving the face of the GST and Gujarat Tourism when the sleuths come knocking on his door? Maybe not. 


Read the full blog post (Day 3511) here.

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