IIFA Awards 2017: Sushant Singh Rajput, Taking A Dig At Shahid Was A Cheap Shot

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput seems to be having a foot-in-mouth (or maybe foot-in-tweet) moment currently. The actor, who was a part of the IIFA awards that took place in the heart of NYC, posted a cryptic tweet after Shahid Kapoor won the Best Actor award for his performance in Udta Punjab.


Soon after the best actor award was announced, Sushant (who was nominated for MS Dhoni: The Untold Story) took to Twitter and tweeted: “@IIFA hahahaha.”



.@IIFA hahahaha


— Sushant Singh Rajput (@itsSSR) July 16, 2017





Well, this did not go down too well with the Twitter fraternity and he got trolled instead. Take a look:



😂 pic.twitter.com/UrOS5jBH5F


— Sagar Jadav 👑🗡 (@SagarJadav) July 16, 2017






He doesn’t laugh on Shahid getting award he laugh bcz they create special categories for varun


— SSR_Warrior (@SSR_warrior) July 16, 2017






SSR right now😂😂 pic.twitter.com/BG3ipat9LV


— prasad (@shanaticprasad) July 16, 2017




Wow, Shahid Kapur deserved to win. Looks like Sushant Singh Rajput should drop his entire name in protest this time around


— M Almoula (@MAlmoula5) July 16, 2017



We think this was pretty uncalled for from the actor’s end and seems like a classic case of “grapes of sour”. And his response reminded us of Anil Kapoor’s son, Harshvardhan Kapoor, who created a ruckus when Diljit Dosanjh won the Filmfare Best Debutante award.


The only question we have for Sushant here is: did you watch your performance in Raabta? Well, all those who didn’t know, Raabta was panned unanimously for its ridiculous reincarnation theme which was quite absurd for times such as these when Bollywood is churning out a lot of original stuff alongside indie and regional films (that pay heavy emphasis on realism rather than the plain old girl-meets-by-they-fall-in-love genre). Raabta was an epic mess, to say the least.


We’re also assuming that Sushant hasn’t seen Shahid’s terrific performance in Udta Punjab that not only impressed the critics, but the audiences as well. We think there is no one else but Shahid who deserved the award and well, he got it. 



Only if Sushant knew that there would always be winners as well as losers when one is nominated because that’s the whole point of an award function. People should avoid a sense of entitlement over an award, just because you think you are nominated for it. Taking a dig at Shahid was not only a cheap shot, but it also displayed Sushant’s immaturity as a human being. We advise him to maybe, well, learn from this mistake and always remember the famous quote “there can be no winners without losers”. That will come in handy for the future, maybe? 


What do you think of the entire controversy? Let us know in your comments below. 

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