Imran Khan is Bollywood's favourite gentleman
Imran Khan is Bollywood’s favourite gentleman

Yes, his latest release might not be doing well, but when it comes to men’s fashion, he is the dapper-est of ’em all

The bungalow we’re shooting in doubles up as an art and interiors store. Half an hour before we’re set to shoot, the biggest concern is accommodating a vanity van for Imran through a gate that’s just wide enough for it to enter.


The generator’s just about started running when our cover star arrives, not a minute late. He’s casually dressed, down to his white Bata shoes. His team spots them and laughs with glee –they all decided to wear the same shoes. Everyone’s does so except Imran’s manager, who is in her thong chappals. “She’s too cool for us,” jokes the hairstylist.

Meanwhile, the actor has made his way up the short flight of stairs and into the bungalow. “I’d never have imagined coming back here some day. As a kid, I would come here for piano lessons. This is where it used to be kept,” he says, pointing to a spot on the left of the entrance.

Imran takes barely any time to get ready, while our photographer, Colston Julian, prepares for the first shot in a greenhouse of sorts – it smells a bit strong, but nobody seems to notice. An hour later, we’ve already finished half the shoot. You can tell the actor’s at ease in the spiffy suits – they’re very much in tune with his personal style. He’s aware of the latest trends and likes sharing his opinion on the clothes used in the shoot.

At lunch, he’s telling us about his great love for shopping in London, and why he owns some 20 pairs of trousers, in the same cut and style, from a store there. Soon after sharing a meal of pho and beef baos with him, we’re back to work, hoping to wrap up swiftly. And that’s just what happens.

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