Is All India Bakchod Losing Its Mojo?

We can only wish that AIB finds a way out. 

AIB Bhakts, don’t get us wrong. We think it’s still a great channel that has produced some legendary comic videos that have redefined the comedy scene in India. Videos like The TImes Of Boobs, Genius Of The Year, Honest Indian Flights and the AIB Roast had us in splits and we thank the team for that. 


Still, we think that the pressure of being consistently funny is getting to the folks at AIB. We don’t know if it’s because their budget has increased and they don’t care that much anymore, they’ve become too mainstream or plainly because the law of averages has finally caught up with them. We’re not saying this based on our personal preferences, mind you. Let’s take a look at our reasons.  

Likes – Dislikes Ratio Has Gone Up

As of today (20th March), the video has 76K likes and 11K dislikes. That’s roughly 1 dislike for every 7 likes. You might say this is a good ratio to have, but compare this to earlier videos, and you’ll think differently. Usually, if you look at videos like Alia Bhatt’s Genius Of The Year or Honest Indian Flights, the likes to dislikes ration is 1 dislike for every 20 likes. This tells a story. 


We’re Not Seeing Our Friends Share Their Latest Stuff

How many of you are seeing people talk about their latest videos the minute they go up? Earlier, that used to happen. Be it with the Irrfan music video or the infamous AIB roast. Even now, people would rather discuss the roast than discuss any of AIB’s latest videos. 


The YouTube Comments Say It All

If you look at the comments section of AIB’s latest videos, you’ll see stuff like, “Concept was good, execution wasn’t. Could have done better” and “Bhaiyon ab pehle jitna maja nhi aa rha. Last time wali se to achchi thi lekin fir bhi.” 

We understand that being funny all the time can be tough, and we can only wish that AIB finds a way out. 

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