India’s Worst Horror Films
India’s Worst Horror Films

These films will crack you up instead.


Most viewers freak out at the very thought of watching a horror film. These films can give you endless chills down your spine and are definitely not meant for the squeamish. So if horror films haunt you endlessly, here’s a compilation of some of the worst horror films ever, that’ll crack you up instead. Watch them if you wish to lift your spirits for a change. 





Deserted mansions, haunting music, spirits taking possession of a living body and wreaking havoc in people’s lives, this film made use of all elements possible to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the audience, but failed miserably.






Critically panned across the country, Ghost starred Shiney Ahuja as a detective and Sayali Bhagat as a doctor who investigate strange things that happen inside a hospital. Probably one of the worst scripts ever, the twist in the plot comes in when Shiney Ahuja discovers that it is the spirit of his deceased wife who was on a revenge spree all along.  



Krishna Cottage



Rebirths and revenge sagas; doesn’t it sound all too familiar? In Krishna Cottage, a group of college students are forced to take shelter in the supposedly mysterious Krishna Cottage for a night, but little do they know that the cottage is haunted. Isha Koppikar plays the ghost who is reborn to seek her true love in the form of Sohail Khan, turning it into a Bollywood potboiler instead.






We wish the super-talented Tabu wasn’t a part of this film which was about a divorced mother of two girls who is forced to deal with some outraged souls of those killed unjustly several hundred years ago. The worse bits were the grotesque scenes of a ghost sexually assaulting the protagonist.



 Jaani Dushman



Probably one of the funniest films to have ever released, Jaani Dushman is supposed to be a horror film, but fails to create any impact. 

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