Jodie Comer Stalked By Fan; Here Are 5 Stars Who Got Restraining Orders In Such Situations 
Jodie Comer Stalked By Fan; Here Are 5 Stars Who Got Restraining Orders In Such Situations 

The ‘odd’ fan has been following Jodie Comer for a long time

Fans often do crazy things for their favourite celebs, and, at times, the adoration turns unhealthy and into an obsession that is just creepy. Jodie Comer, who is best known for her role in Killing Eve, is the latest celebrity at the receiving end of such a fandom. Her ‘die-hard’ fans who had arrived to see her performance in Prima Facie at Harold Pinter Theatre in London’s West End, notified security about an ‘odd’ fan. 


Those attending the show alerted security about a fan who was waiting outside to meet Jodie Comer, and was already caught for creating drama previously. The man, displaying ‘worrying’ behaviour, came with flowers in an attempt to meet the star at her usual exit. A source told The Sun, “He seemed to be trying to act casually but kept moving around. First, he was across the road, then he moved to one side, and then another. That night, Jodie Comer came out and got straight into her car. But some of her die-hard fans recognised him and pointed him out to security.”


Comer was stopped from greeting fans and stepping outside. The incident made it to the news in no time. However, she is not the first celeb to have experienced. From Kim Kardashian to Billie Eilish, the list of celebrities troubled by fans is a long one.


We look at the celebs who got a restraining order against their ‘fans’:


Kim Kardashian


Kardashian recently slapped David Resendiz with a restraining order. The man, whom Kim Kardashian claims she has never met, got her home and business addresses and started dropping death-threat mails. He even made multiple false statements regarding her intimate connections and blackmailed her. He’s made “disturbing sexual references about me in his letters,” she claimed. The man also threatened to cause damage to her kids. 


Ariana Grande


Fidel Henriquez, a 20-year-old ‘die-hard’ fan of Grande’s, emerged at the singer’s home with a backpack over his shoulders. He had carried notes and items that hinted that he was going to murder the star. The young lad was arrested and was slapped with a restraining order that is valid until 2025. The order demands him to be at least 100 yards away from Grande, her mother, their property, and their vehicles.


Bella Hadid


Hadid was taken by surprise when her fan, Brian Perez, began blackmailing her to enter her house on social media. He was spotted at her Manhattan apartment after which Hadid wasted no time and obtained a restraining order to keep this crazy fan away from her.




Back in 2013, Rihanna’s neighbour was broken into by her fan, Steveland Barrow. He had assumed that he had entered the singer’s house and fell asleep in a bed that he thought to be Rihanna’s. He even stole some items from the house. Rihanna quickly got a restraining order against him. Creepily, the man disappeared after he was released from custody. 


Justin Timberlake


An ‘obsessed and mentally unstable fan’ made life hell for Timberlake back in 2009. Karen McNeil, a crazy fan of the Mirrors singer, was slapped with a restraining order after she was caught trespassing at his property. Interestingly, she also had a restraining order against her by Axl Rose who was also disturbed by the woman to a great extent. 


Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift has had a couple of instances where fans have done crazy stuff for her. However, the most shocking incident was when her fan donning wearing a mask and gloves was caught breaking into her Beverly Hills mansion. Recognised as Julius Sandrock, he was carrying “live ammunition, latex gloves, rope and multiple types of masks in his car.” Upon his arrest, the police informed him that he suffered from “OCD, bipolar disorder, severe depression and manic episodes. He also allegedly divulged he’d recently gotten divorced, and Taylor’s music helped him through it.” 


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