Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: New Disturbing Details Revealed
 Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard: Testimonies Reveal Shocking Details About The Couple

Johnny Depp’s 2019 defamation case against Amber Heard, delayed by the pandemic, began on April 12th

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard has taken a new turn with the opening of the defamation case filed by Depp. The actor’s lawyers gave the courtroom an overview of his case, with many shocking new developments taking place. The hearing, delayed by the pandemic, began on April 12th.


Johnny Depp had filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard in 2018 for $50 million. The actor claimed that Heard had maligned his image when she released a December 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post. She had talked about being a domestic abuse survivor without referring to any person in specific. Depp’s lawyer Benjamin Chew had then stated that it was ‘clear’ that Heard’ was referencing one of Hollywood’s biggest stars — her husband, Johnny Depp. 

However, new witnesses have been brought in the case making the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard more intense. 

Johnny Depp’s Doctor

Depp’s doctor, Dr David Kipper, gave a digital deposition in the ongoing case. He narrated the incident from March 2015 where the chef found the actor’s fingertip in the kitchen after it was cut off during an incident in Australia. Kipper was called to Depp’s residence. He narrated the incident: “I went into the home… to instruct one of the people with him to look for the tip of the finger, hoping that we would be able to put it back. I cleaned the wound to the best that I could with the supplies that we had and then took him to the emergency room.”

He also revealed that he saw no visible injuries on Heard, as told by her during the last hearing. He added that the actress was ‘certainly upset,’ but did not require any medical attention. The Sun article has claimed that Depp had thrown Heard against a ping-pong table and pushed her against a fridge. 

While the actor denied these allegations and stated that Heard has thrown vodka bottles at him, which severed the top of his finger and crushed his bones. Kipper hinted it to be true by saying that he saw blood and broken glass in the kitchen area where Depp’s finger tip was found. 

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Security Guard 

Another strong testimony came from Depp’s private security guard. Sean Bett presented before the court close-up pictures of the actor’s injured face that were taken in December 2015. He alleged that it wasn’t the only time he saw the actor with injuries on his face. He also added that he often heard the couple arguing. 


Bett claimed that he even told her privately in a car that ‘this can’t continue’. He went on to tell her, “you’re either going to kill each other or you’re going to end up in jail.” He also revealed that he never saw any injuries on Heard. Back in 2020, he however, had confirmed, “I have never seen Mr Depp being violent anyone including Ms Heard during the long period I’ve been working for him. In addition, I have observed Ms Heard throwing bottles, glasses, and other objects at Mr. Depp while being verbally abusive towards him.”

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Johnny Depp’s Nurse

The actor’s nurse, Debbie Lloyd, was also questioned recently. She gave a digital deposition where a particular message was discussed in the court. In a message where the actor is apologising for refusing to see the nurse earlier in the day, he wrote, “ey sweetheart, I’m so sorry about today. I thought you were Stephen, whom I’m not particularly enthused about for his loss of loyalty and his loss of memory.”


“He has tried everything to f**k me over as far as travelling with my wife. He also bursts into my f**king house like it’s goddamn Grand Central Station. I’m truly sorry if I upset you. If you like you can give me some morphine to see if my tongue and penis touch. All my love, J,” he added. 

Lloyd discussed this message, along with details of how she accompanied Dr Kipper to Depp’s house. She stated that she does not remember too many details outside of the notes she’d written while treating the couple. She also added that the house was a mess when she had visited the actor. 

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met while making 2011 film The Rum Diary and married four years later. Heard accused Depp of domestic abuse after filing for divorce in 2016.


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